For a Kinder, Gentler Society
The New CommonWealth
From Feudal Corporatism to Socialist Capitalism
  • Claudiu A. Secara
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The New CommonWealth. From Feudal Corporatism  to Socialist Capitalism
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About the Author

Claudiu A. Secara graduated from the University of Bucharest in 1972 with an advanced degree in Philosophy and Political Economy. He worked as a journalist in Bucharest for several years before resigning over the issue of journalistic independence; the next several years he devoted to travel and independent scholarship, teaching, odds jobs, reading and writing.

Later he bailed out of the peasant-socialist cum "state-capitalist" system entirely. He arrived in New York in 1983 and earned a Master's degree in Political Science from New York University in 1986. He then earned a doctorate in International Business and a doctorate in Information Systems from Pace University in 1992 and forged a successful consulting career in international business and computer technologies. His consulting work was done for clients such as Panasonic, Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank, etc. 

Secara departed from his consulting work at the World Trade Center in New York, in February 2001, in good time, and turned again to full-time research and writing. He wrote Time & Ego: Judeo-Christian Egotheism and the Anglo Saxon Industrial Revolution, a philosophical essay, which was finished in 1989. After completing Post-Soviet Euroslavia,  in 1991, and the broader work, The New Commonwealth: From Feudal Corporatism to Socialist Capitalism. In 1994, he continued expanding Algora Publishing, which he had launched years before.

Secara combines the talent of what was once called reading Pravda between the lines, with a classical education and independent analysis. He remains a self-described socialist, atheist, committed to enlightenment and liberty of thought.

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