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Algora Publishing - Agitprop Being Directed Against Medvedev
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Agitprop Being Directed Against Medvedev
... an interesting tendency has taken shape in the Russian blogosphere -- and not only in it. Work aimed at worsening the image of Dmitriy Medvedev is in progress...

Agitprop Being Directed Against Medvedev
Report by Dmitriy Shusharin

Politicians, analysts, and other people with pretensions assume that something lightweight and unworthy of their attention is taking place in the blogosphere. Learned monks behaved in approximately the same way in the first years after the invention of printing. Some of them lived to see themselves driven out of monasteries when the Reformation started. They then understood the link between the printing press and their own fate.

I am saying this because an interesting tendency has taken shape in the Russian blogosphere -- and not only in it. Work aimed at worsening the image of Dmitriy Medvedev is in progress, quietly and softly, without any particular elan, but consistently. They take one little step and wait to see what the reaction will be -- and this work is not restricted to the blogosphere.

I had not written about the first step when photographs of Dmitriy Medvedev and other G8 participants started to appear on many LiveJournals, citing a respectable agency. I admit, however, that this strongly reminded me of the first anti-Yeltsin action on television, when he was filmed drunk (or not drunk, it doesn't matter) in the United States. That was precisely 20 years ago.

I had also not yet written about it because the explanations of a leading Russian photographer were quite sufficient: Pictures taken on continuous shooting mode that were between phases (while the leaders were not posed) had been selected. He asked a question, therefore: What is this, "simply a joke or the start of a mass discrediting of DM, which is to say 'done to order?'"

So it all looks more like it was "done to order," because a second trial balloon followed. This time it was in the Zavtra newspaper, but it was immediately duplicated on the LiveJournal source, which has the reputation of a sewer. There is this sentence:

"Chatting live on air with the Seligera enthusiasts, President Medvedev, newspapers write, declared that 'it should in Russia be like in the United States -- no ethnic groups.'"This was professionally prepared. The president did indeed compare ethnic problems in Russia and the United States, and -- unlike the agitprop itself -- he found some good words for America. That is how active events have actually always been held.

But that is not all. Simultaneously with the duplication of the canard from Zavtra, a new anti-Medvedev LiveJournal community is advancing. That is to say that all the signs of an anti-presidential campaign are present. The funniest thing is that as soon as its beginning was noted in the blogosphere -- and that happened on Sunday evening (12 July), which is to say a "dead" time -- users operating under nicknames who have long been used in pro-Kremlin LJ activity gathered within a few minutes to brand the author of this message. That is to say, they came to support the slander against Medvedev.

So the blogosphere should not be disdained. It seems that approaches to an anti-Medvedev PR campaign are being tested out in it. It is not only limited to the matter of testing, either -- the president's image is, albeit quietly and slowly, getting worse. By all appearances, Medvedev has none of his own resources which could resist this. And he will not be allowed to acquire them.