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The Daily Bell Wednesday, 08 June 2011
How the City of London Controls World Power ...
Like Vatican City, London City (not to be confused with Greater London) is a privately owned corporation operating under its own flag, with its own constitution and free from the legal constraints that govern the rest of us. And it was King William III in 1694 who paved the way for a private cartel of international bankers (money elite) to embark on a plan of implementing world governance, albeit secretly (that is until now, thanks to the Internet Reformation).

Global Research Tuesday, 07 June 2011
The Elite, the ‘Great Game’ and World War III
The continuity of the policies of the elite is indicated by the fact Brzezinski starts from Mackinder’s thesis first propounded in 1904: “Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland: Who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island: who commands the World-Island commands the world.”

Global Research Monday, 06 June 2011
The Global Debt Crisis: How We Got In It, and How to Get Out
In the United States there is currently only one state-owned bank, the Bank of North Dakota. The model, however, has proven to be highly successful. North Dakota is the only U.S. state to have escaped the credit crisis unscathed. In 2009, while other states floundered, North Dakota had its largest budget surplus ever. In 2008, the Bank of North Dakota (BND) had a return on equity of 25%. North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the country and the lowest default rate on loans. It also has the most local banks per capita.

The Daily Bell Sunday, 05 June 2011
If Yemen Falls, so Does the Dollar Reserve?
The corrupt and vicious Saudi regime lies at the heart of Money Power. Without Saudi willingness to support the continued dollar-oil exchange (forcing the rest of the world to hold dollars) the dollar reserve currency system seriously degrades.... Ultimately all this returns to the US and the Pentagon, which in turn does the bidding of the City of London.

Asia Times Online Wednesday, 01 June 2011
The People’s Republic of America Reports 1.8% GDP Growth (or: Why This is NOT a Business Cycle)
...the US will have 2% growth indefinitely–no real recovery, no double dip, no banking crisis, but no bank stock rally. Government spending now comprises 40% of American national income, up from 30% in 2000. That’s the same proportion as in Germany; “socialist” Sweden is at 47%. By contrast, ex-communist Russia is at just 34%, and China at 18%.

BBC Saturday, 28 May 2011
BBC HARDtalk - Jim Rogers Interview (part 1 & 2)

Global Research Thursday, 26 May 2011
The Middle East Counter-Revolution
Allegedly, Jamal Jarrah also used Lebanese Hizb ut-Tahrir militants, an Islamist organization based in London and especially active in Central Asia. Hizb ut-Tahrir, which advocates non-violence, is accused of masterminding many attacks in the Ferghana Valley. It was with the intention of curbing this group that China began its rapprochement with Russia within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

YouTube Thursday, 26 May 2011
Ron Paul: Is This The End of the American Republic?
Ron Paul is America's leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, a return to sound monetary policies, and a sensible pro-America foreign policy.

Financial Times Wednesday, 25 May 2011
Destination Europe: residents from overseas

Prison Planet Friday, 20 May 2011
Medvedev appears to question Osama`s death
The Turkish man claimed bin Laden had died of natural causes in 2006 and that the US Navy SEALs had simply found and opened the terror mastermind’s grave.