For a Kinder, Gentler Society
On Health - In All Its Aspects
  • Nicholas J. Pappas
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In a warm and enjoyable dialogue the meaning of "health," in its fullest sense, becomes a philosophical issue as much as a biological one. Here, a character who is heading off for a job teaching health has an extended conversation with a trusted mentor, and they test various definitions, various visions, and some of the infinite possibilities of the idea of health, in the process coming to a deeper and more invigorating understanding of life itself.

About the Author

Nicholas J. Pappas holds an honors degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Chicago and earned a Law degree at Harvard University. He has been writing philosophical dialogues since 1999, as well as many short stories and poems. Nick has published ten books with Algora.

About the Book

Year: 2018
Soft Cover
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