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German Model
Chinese Premier ZHU Rongji said in Berlin on Friday, that China is ready to leave behind its socialist system and peculiarities and establish a society based on the rule of law, the, Hong Kong iMail reported on Saturday.

"China is willing and ready to learn from German experiences in the field of law-making and administration of justice on the way to developing a society fully based on the rule of law," the premier said.

The premier was on his second day of a four-day visit to Germany. He held talks with his German counterpart, Gerhard Schroeder, and singed a six-point accord on Friday.

The main focus of the talks between the two leaders was trade and legalpar issues, including commercial, labor, and civil laws. Both sides agreedpar in the accord to continue a dialog on the rule of law, which "should make a fundamental contribution to stable and social development in China.

"The premier characterized his talks with Schroeder as "friendly and very constructive," while Schroeder described the talks as open and direct about difficult topics. The premier also expressed Beijing's appreciation of Berlin's policy of not having official ties with and not selling weapons to Taiwan.

"Germany is a model for keeping its word and its promises," Zhu said.