War or no War?

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The more I think about the pros and cons of the possibility of an upcoming World War 3, the more I see that this year is crucial, as far as the elections in the US.

The war parties, Hillary for the Democrats and Jeb/Marco for Republicans, have already been voted out by the American Supreme Elite Council. However, the war parties still control enough ammunition to derail the peace process, that’s why Russia has a General waiting in the wings, if needed to replace Putin.

But for now, Sanders and Trump are anointed to continue in the open what Obama started by playing a double game. This conclusion is supported by the major American pull-back from confrontation at every critical juncture under the Obama administration’s duplicity.

Without Obama’s soft retreat at every head-on war buildup moment, Russia’s bold offensives and reversals of the odds could not have been possible.

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