5-Feb-17 Why all the antagonism against Trump?

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A lot of conspiracy theories could be developed to explain this and that, but it’s not so much of a mystery as many would think. A book written in 1992, The New CommonWealth , basically explains that it is the rise of China that worried — and still worries — the white man’s world. Various tactics have been promoted on how to handle this long-term strategic threat.

Should the West conquer Russia first, just like Hitler attempted, and then focus on the main adversary (China)? Or ally with Russia?

Well, Russia has a “soul” and a mind of its own, and did not think it would be funny to be a colony of the West, and it refused to play along with the first option. Furthermore, Russia said, if you want us to be your allies against China, there is a price for that. That is, the whole of Europe and the Middle East. The West said, No Way! We’ll show you who dictates the terms.

Well, it turns out that Russia was weak on several points – low demographics, a strong fifth column, a weak consumer goods industry; but it had first class (second to none) military acumen and military technology. They said, OK, you want us as a colony? Come and take it!

And that is where things started to get messy. The US is a first-rate Madison Avenue PR superman, but a fifth-rate military power, such that they can only boast of conquering Grenada in a one-on-one fight.

The US bankrupted itself in 30 years, and now is begging Russia for an alliance against China. And you can see the signs of willingness to turn over the whole of Europe and the Middle East to Russia. But the Russians are still playing chess.

This past fall I’ve been visiting the Vladivostok and Irkutsk regions of Russia, and Moscow – all over Russia, and I can tell from first-hand experience of the appalling, numbing invasion of Chinese – crude, rude, aggressive, all over the main cities of Russia, while the Russians are sort of stunned, and mild. Ninety-five percent of the hotels are filled with Chinese. Trainloads, bus loads of them.

In conclusion, what Trump represents is the awareness, finally, in the US, that Russia is not there for the taking and a very hefty price would have to be paid to get half of Russia’s support. In the words of a British diplomat, the Russians played a weak hand brilliantly, while the US played a brilliant hand catastrophically poorly.

In the long run, China remains the number one rival/threat. We don’t know how this will all end, in another hundred years.

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