8-Feb-17 Putin’s Tough Choice, or the US’s Tough Choice?

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Remember the posting of the other day? “In conclusion, what Trump represents is the awareness, finally, in the US, that Russia is not there for the taking and a very hefty price would have to be paid to get half of Russia’s support. ”
Very interesting article in Zero Hedge: Putin’s Tough Choice: China Or The West.

Will he, or won’t he?

From the article: “Foreshadowing all of this was a news leak late last year in Germany’s Bild Zeitung, that Kissinger has drafted a plan to officially recognize Crimea as part of Russia and lift the Obama administration’s economic sanctions.”

Of course, the Russians will not be seduced by a man in his last hours, I mean Kissinger, but we should not lose sight of such real politics. Otherwise, how to explain this: Henry Kissinger becomes member of Russian Academy of Sciences

The US is in disarray, it is in conflict with itself and with everyone else. This is the gruesome spectacle of a dying elephant. Try not to get hurt.

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