Sequel on Group Intelligence (Part II)

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So, then, can one agree with the famous quip that Jews are not undeservedly rising to the top… taking the top positions in society because, the belief goes, they are obviously smarter as a group?

Let’s examine this proposition for a minute. We know for a fact that today’s Jews come from two different ethnic groups, historically, biologically, totally unrelated, The Sephardic (which is in itself a mix of some old stock Semitic with Mediterranean blood, from Moorish to Western European); and the Ashkenazi, which are even more remote from any ancient Jews, as being a Turkic race, which at its roots is a branch of the Mongols, and in turn heavily mixed with Eastern European genes.

How could such an utterly heterogeneous population have a high IQ on the basis of its ethnic composition?

Rather, what is the common denominator for all these unrelated subgroups from North Africa through Central Asia is the belief in and the pursuit of a very distinct cultural doctrine, unlike any other group in the world. And that culture of belief in one’s superiority, and believing one is “above the law” of humanity, not bound by moral responsibility to fellow humans – seeing rather a master/slave relationship, whereby non-Jews are simply not real humans and need not be respected or dealt with as one’s brothers and sisters.

Therefore, deceiving and cheating the “other”, colluding against them, undermining them and their culture in any way possible, enslaving them, despoiling them, are all not only permitted but are actively pursued in a concerted community-wide fashion so that the organized Jewish community acts against the unsuspecting other nations, who feel themselves bound by restrictive notions of moral behavior, categorical imperative, individual rights and defense of privacy, the quest for ataraxia, or belief in sacred values.

Imagine a driver at an intersection who, rather than obeying the .. long line at the exit, defies everybody and cuts ahead by driving on the shoulder, sneering at the docile “dopes” sitting in line. Well, it works, as long as everybody else does not break the rules. Otherwise, we can imagine the gridlock, the mayhem, the anarchy, and the collapse of the societal structure.

Under normal rule of law and order, individuals breaking the law are sanctioned, but when it’s done in the name of religious privileges and religious immunity by an organized group, all of a sudden it takes on the appearance of supernatural abilities to come out ahead in any situation. In fact, it is not a proof of high IQ, it is just the outcome of anti-social, criminal behavior.

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