Russia vs China

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Russia is still a puzzle, however, China has proven to be a slimy two-face nation, which is trying to play all sides. They haven’t sent one solider to fight in Syria, yet they are already angling for reconstruction contracts. No one would be surprised if they joined the US in an attack on Russia, at an opportune time, as Russia is loaded with land, and resources, both which China needs for its soaring population.

Russia is sometimes hard to understand, China is purely opportunistic. Pepe Escobar believes that they will dominate the world economy, the Chinese just dream about using the yuan the same way the US does through it’s Dollar, in order to dominate the world with a fiat currency, but something sucks about their opportunistic/materialist centralized model. Hard to see how they will make it. Sure, they have lots of good engineers, but It seems a one-issue society, no national quest for an ideal state of mind, for moral meaning, except making money. It’s like NWO v 2.0 with their numerous western trained keynesian “economists” and useless bankers.

One might not necessarily be pleased by some of the Russian moves, but at least they had the gut to fight in Syria and most of the time they stand for moral values.

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