The Globalists agenda with the Zionist Evangelical “Christian” Church

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January 12, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Nova Resistencia.


RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – The chief deceiver and Brazilian sect leader, Olavo de Carvalho, better known by the nickname Sidi Muhammad in the schismatic circles of Brazil and the world, is obsessed by the notion of “Judeo-Christian values,” “Judeo-Christian civilization,” and “Christianity.”

He is not the only one. This concept is extremely popular with a specific group of people, the neoconservatives, most of whom are Zionist Jews or Zionist neo-Pentecostal Christians, and are linked to the American Deep State, which controls its foreign policy and its intelligence sector.

This concept is ecumenical and is fundamentally distant from the religious orthodoxy of both Christianity and Judaism. It is a heterodox ecumenism that aims to erase the primordial opposition that exists between these two religions, an ecumenism that is no less damaging, anti-Traditional and globalist than that ecumenism “New Age” more common among the liberal and progressive factions of the left.

Traditional religious authorities of both religions are tired of knowing this and vehemently reject this neocon invention. Orthodox Rabbi Eliezer Berkovits, for example, says that: “Judaism is Judaism because it rejects Christianity, and Christianity is Christianity because it rejects Judaism.”

This is fundamentally evident to those who know the history of the two religions, and this perverse and globalist ecumenism would be unthinkable to the leading theologians of the two religions throughout their history.

In general, however, although the more orthodox religious authorities of Judaism insist on the rejection of this pseudo-philosophical curse, despite the fact that a large part of Zionism feeds this fraud because it is politically advantageous. Speaking of “Judeo-Christianity” and selling this fiction of a “Judeo-Christian civilization” serves as an attempt to manipulate Christians around the world to believe that their fate is inextricably tied to Jewish interests and that the two religious communities are sisters.

In this sense, anyone who chastises this perfidious and baseless propaganda must be openly denounced as a lackey of the Neocon and Zionist interests, just as Olavo de Carvalho is one of them.

There is no need to speak, we repeat, not even of “Judeo-Christian civilization,” because such a thing does not exist. The ancient Hebrew people and the modern Jewish people are two distinct things and between the two there are immense abysses, caused by diasporas, by mixing with other peoples, by cultural transformations and by the indisputable fact that Judaism is not a direct heir of the Yahwist religion of ancient Hebrews, only of the Pharisaic sect.

In this sense, Judaism already emerges as something that belongs to the periphery of European civilization, outside of it, being incapable of influencing it until the modern degeneration of that civilization, which culminated in the birth of what has been called “Western civilization.” In this sense, in fact, Western civilization has something of a “Jewish”, as Werner Sombart has pointed out, but it is not Christian. The foundational enlightenment of this civilization denies its Christianity.

On the other hand, what used to be a Western European civilization is more adequately regarded as a Greco-Roman-Catholic civilization, as a Roman-German civilization, or as a German-Catholic civilization, depending on the historical scheme one wishes to use . And this civilization no longer exists, receded into the catacombs, with the flourishing of modern, “enlightened”, western civilization.

Therefore, to speak of Judeo-Christianity, of Judeo-Christian civilization, of Judeo-Christian values ​​is to invent a theoretical Frankenstein, it is something inexistent, that never existed and that could only come to exist through the imposition of a pseudo-theological construct.

Those who doubt this, would do well to go to the primary sources of the two religions, and read about the condemnations of the Jews pronounced by Fathers of the Church and Doctors of the Church like Chrysostom, Eusebius, Justin Martyr, Origen, Jerome, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, as well as read what is written about Jesus, his mother and his apostles in the Talmuds.

The dishonesty of Olavo de Carvalho is here. We have already seen people referring to him as if he were crazy, as if he had faltered, or something like that in dealing with these subjects. No, he intentionally errs because these and all the other lies he tells are part of a specific strategy of collective mental manipulation in favor of a neocon political and geopolitical project.

But Olavo will never win.

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