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End of civilizations display very specific characteristics: moronic relativism, hedonism, absurdity, inability to understand that some rules of the game – or constraints – cannot be changed, and, of course, no children. Looking at Western Europe that behaviour is dominant, so what’s there to save?

What is there to save?

A civilization. The greatest civilization the world has yet seen.

How to save it?

1) Stop talking and acting like a wimp.

2) Boot the globalist treasonite leadership.

3) Boot the “refugees” and criminal immigrants, incentivize repatriation of legal and law-abiding immigrants, with large cash grants, certain rights, e.g., to Euro passports but without residency rights.

4) Reimpose the traditional values through education, law reform, and legal restrictions on recruitment by non-Christian religious groups.

5) Criminalize sex “education”.

6) Outlaw abortion.

7) Restore meritocracy in education, slash university entrance to 10% or less of school graduates, terminate the PC indoctrination courses in the university, restore academic freedom in the university, slash academic salaries, eliminate corporate control of academic research.

8) Restore freedom of speach:

Break up the media monopolies. Institute a one person/company one media outlet policy.

. . .

Yes, but how do you even get close to implementing such a programme? . . . it looks like most Western Europeans still don’t get the gravity of the situation and are unwilling to do anything about it. Even voting for a patriotic party in the secrecy of a voting booth is apparently too much for them.

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