Does “Washington” hate Assad?

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Does “Washington” hate Assad? WHO is “Washington” … Who is Assad, for that matter? We can post cuddly pictures of the dude with an uber ‘western-style’ Melanie type of trophy wife… leading a frail patriarch outta church… or go after him for gassing his guys n gals… it makes no difference at the ‘end of days.’

What matters is ‘the narrative.’ A narrative which poses X’s noble and determined….fill in your fake adjectival overkill here….against Y’s destructive and scurrilous…. repeat as above…here. This is Kabbalism in action. This is the source of their mastery of minds, media, and the middle east. With naive readers suitably submitted to the hypnotic trance, you can sell any ol’ canard. Like this one.

Now … the folks defending their fields and villages against an incursion by a jihadist regime and its jihadi proxy mercs… become “remaining ragtags of allegedly anti pro-democracy rebels”… while the actual remaining ragtags of a once mighty jihadi army get folded into the Turks’ campaign to ‘make the world safe again’… for religious fanatics, misogynist rapists, and the real riff-raff of the muddled east! All the stuff an altright wing nut sheeple loves to gobble up!

Now the Turkish Islamist TERROR STATE “reasonably enough, is to be regarded as an existential threat”… existential threat? To whom?… where have we heard that phrase before… OH YA! — THAT OTHER muddled eastern TERROR STATE with Tel Aviv (no make that Jerusalem) as its capital!

OOPSY. This is all exposed… This ALL IS A LIE. More insane agitprop from the usual suspects… packaged and ‘rebranded’ in the latest flavor of Paul Institute for Peace.

Rinse, and start again.

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