Soros sponsored unrest rocks Bucharest

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January 22nd, 2018 – Fort Russ News –
– by Alex Balan, for FRN –


This Saturday, around 10.000 Romanians mostly turned out and organized by Soros (and US-AID and NED) NGOs gathered around the movement Rezist (identical name to Otpor used by Soros against Serbia – ed) and other Romanians, mostly employees of foreign multinational companies gathered in the Romanian capital for a so called anti corruption rally targeting the anti-globalist socialist Government of Romania and its patriotic and popular reforms.

The Sorosistas were shipped from all around the country to the capital, mainly from the town of Cluj Napoca which is a hotbed of treacherous NGO’s sponsored from abroad. Facebok and twitter were used to mobilize them.The aim of the protest was surely to cause another Maidan like protest, as seen in Ukraine – occupy the main centre, Revolution square, and set up tents.


Their violent intentions were later uncovered when Romanian police seized various weapons ranging from knives gas pistols pyrotechnics bastons.

Sorosistas did manage to knock down police fences and block traffic for awhile, but were later pushed back by the Romanian police’s prompt reaction. It took only 4 minutes to clear the main square of provocateurs, most scattered while tens got arrested.


This is not the first time these subversive actions take place. These protest take place once a month, their aim to stop the government s judiciary and other reforms which would give power to Romanian courts and limit the influence of the American founded DNA anti-corruption agency whose sole purpose is to destroy Romanian capital, put rich Romanians in jail under false pretenses with fabricated dossiers, and their wealth later sold off to foreigners.

The hypocrisy is that if corruption doesn’t mean the neo-colonial project to transfer sovereign capital into the hands of foreign capitalists, and the expense of the living conditions and work opportunities of millions of Romanians, then it has little meaning in reality, at all. So the American founded ‘DNA’ anti-corruption agency is in fact a leading force of real corruption, if meaningfully defined, in Romania today.

These liberal EU-phile demonstrators in Romania are called bots, most of them ordinary appointees employed in the so-called NGO sector or in multinational companies that want to stop reforms in Romania. The goal of the reforms of the socialist government is to have multinational companies pay higher taxes, and and laws which forbid the selling of land and mineral resources to foreigners, the judiciary would also thus be in the hands of Romanians, and not the US anti-corruption agency DNA, etc. In recent years, the agriculture business in Romania has been hit hard by EU intervention and speculation schemes, which in real terms have seen an increase in food costs for Romanians, and a decrease in local production, below capacity.

The socialist PSD government won a landslide victory in elections which took place 13 month ago , they have over 50% in both houses, the Parliament and the Senate, while liberals have around 20%. This is an important fact, given that millions of Romanians turned out in this legal process. While the demonstrations appear large, they are nothing like a referendum on the last election, numerically speaking. They must be understood as a vocal minority which refuses to respect the will of the Romanian people, who have grown tired of neo-liberal reforms at the behest of the US and EU.

It’s interesting that Romanians which work for multinational companies are often forced by their slave-masters to attend these violent protests and are threatened with sacking if they don’t comply. This is because the socialist Government wants to raise taxation of multinationals in Romania which till now have mostly avoided paying any taxes through various malversation schemes. The Soros backed and Gene Sharp inspired protesters of ‘Rezist’ are famous for displaying flags of foreign countries at their meetings, in particular US, Canadian and Israeli, which clearly shows which countries sponsor and pay them to cause chaos.

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