“The defense budget needs to be increased five fold, not 13%”?!

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I am all good with this being a world that people choose to come to to enjoy, compete, even spar/war with others. But I object to it being a world, where those who do not want to participate in murder and mayhem are forced to die at the hands of those who want to kill.

I wonder if it even matters. If we are on the cusp of a major financial crisis, that budget will take a hit regardless of the actual numbers. Our military has accumulated a lot of ‘drag’ in the form of a growing number of seriously injured war vets. That number is constantly growing, and each new addition brings another lifetimes worth of medical costs. The VA is swamped now, today, at current levels.

Also, the growing divide within America means fewer will be joining up out of patriotism, and the caliber of recruits will continue to decline, greatly increasing the likelihood of battlefield mishaps due to incompetence and eroding everyone’s confidence in the people serving around them.

This will lead, inevitably, to losses on the battlefield. Big losses, both in numbers and in prestige, and eventually in domestic support. Apparently Trump still believes the problems we have can be resolved by throwing more money at them. I think what he is missing is that we are now past the point where a bigger budget will have any effect. It simply does not matter what amount you hurl at them, they have now progressed so far that they WILL unfold now regardless of what you do. The bigger budget will only go down the same rathole as the trillions before, and we won’t get any more value from that investment. The quality of both recruits and equipment (sourced from corporations that have been given total freedom to profit at all costs) will continue to decline, as will the credibility and ultimately the authority of the US military around the world.

What the military, and all the other agencies of .gov needed was CLEANSING and REFORM. There’s no price tag on those, you either do them or you don’t. But if you don’t, then no amount of money will make a bit of difference, except to your blown-up budget.

This is one area where me and Col. Trump FUNDAMENTALLY disagree. (Warning: spoof).

The defense budget needs to be increased five fold, not 13%, but 65%, to $1,026,300,000,000, by fiscal 2019.

The coming war with Iran, then Russia, demands our utmost preparedness for the terror attacks they will partner up with North Korea to sponsor beforehand. It is simply a new geopolitical reality that it will cost at least half a trillion dollars more each year to keep America safe from international haters of freedumb who hate us for our freedumbs.

Once we decide to bravely, heroically, and distinctively preemptively nuke Pyongyang, it is imperative we increase our defense budget to $2,052,600,000,000 for fiscal 2020, so we are able to hire enough Dreamers to both fight the Chinese and build alligator, eel, and pirhana infested moats around all government buildings, financial institutions, and synagogues here in the Homeland.

Then, and ONLY THEN, once the moats have been built, we should make a two part statement announcing plans for another five fold increase in the defense budget to $10,263,000,000,000 for fiscal 2021, along with another statement announcing imminent nuclear war with everyone. It is debatable which should be announced first.

But the new ten trillion/year defense budget will definitely keep us safe, while also allowing us to hire, at better wages, considerably more military personnel to help with the tens of millions of Islamic refugees we will take in per year to resettle in America’s rural communities.

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