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Strange new pathologies are not unique to America. Each pathology might be somewhat unique to it’s area, but the existence of pathologies is not unique to America. Take Japan for example. They have millions of hikikomori. Adults living with their parents playing on their computers and contributing nada to society. Millions … So ya these Japanese millennials don’t do opioids, like their American counterparts, they’re still messed-up. Then of course there is the sky-high suicide rate. They have a forest where people are hanging themselves so frequently it’s referred to as “the suicide forest”. AND the Japanese have basically given up on having children. It doesn’t get any more pathological than that.

And in Europe there are even more messed-yup feminists that simultaneously believe there are no biological differences between men and women, when talking about why women and men have different interests and different strengths (it’s 100% cultural they claim), while also believing that transsexuals have biologically driven preferences (how can a transsexual have a biologically driven urge to be the opposite sex if the sexes are biologically identical and gender is purely a cultural concept?).

Or you have the Swedes (and others) that are so messed-up with “white-guilt” (for what exactly?) that they choose to import millions of criminals, deviants, radicals and extremists into their society just to ‘prove ‘to the world they’re not racist. “Hey buddy, you’re still a unreformed racist. Get over it.” Do they befriend these people and invite these people into their homes? No. Swedish society is extremely xenophobic at the personal level and their ‘open embrace’ of other cultures is purely for show. It’s completely fake. And for this ‘fake show’ that fools no one, they are willing to destroy their society. How pathological is that?

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