Jews and Illegal Migration

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A Liberal Nationalist says:

“Indeed after superficial reading, that could well be the lazy and simplistic conclusion, that goes as follows:

Individual Jews may be either liberal or conservative. It is because they “naturally” gain access to politically and intelectually influential positions, due to high IQs and supposed genetic superiority, that it is normal to see them, as any other liberal or conservative influencer, do what influencers do. In other words, move along, nothing to see here.

But this view is challenged when you take a look at the facts. Therefore, after a bit of research one is likely to end up asking some of the following questions:

Why do 67% of American Jews – average Jews – support immigration reform – and being immigration reform an euphemism for amnesty and more chain migration mechanisms – for more mass immigration from third world and developing countries?

1) Why do Jewish leaders and influencers almost unanimously support and lobby for mass immigration knowing as they do most of it is coming mainly from developing and third world countries?

2) Why, and I quote, has the Jewish community made it clear that opening America’s doors to Syrian refugees is one of its defining priorities?

3) Is it a Jewish cultural and religious issue? historic perhaps?

4) Why aren’t there more articles in tabletmag, Forward, World Jewish Congress and the ADL condemning the passivity of Israel towards the refugee crisis, and lobbying to get Israel opening his borders to all refugees?

5) Why of all influencers, do the ones publicly criticizing Islam and Western acceptance of mass immigration that is, such as Sam Harris, Gad Saad, Mark Steyn, Pamela Geller, Dave Rubin of the Rubin Report, Ezra Levant of the Rebel Media, the Gatestone Institute shills, Bill Maher, Douglas Murray and the rest of a long list, which by the way, is mostly composed of Jews, not acknowledge and condemn the Jewish organizations, leaders and influencers from Jewish owned MSM for their role in the lobbying of Western governments and manipulating public opinion to get them to accept more refugees?

Now, you can play dumb, dance around the issue, cry anti-semitism and play the victim so much you want, as you and your ilk (and I mean intellectually dishonest Jews, make no mistake) have done for so many centuries.

But the fact remains that the organized Jewish community, its leaders and influencers are almost unanimously lobbying for more third world mass immigration, and the ones opposing it fail to acknowledge the role played by said actors, perhaps because they are part of their tribe.

This lack of honesty and double standards on the one hand, and the lobbying for mass immigration on the other – so detrimental for the citizens of Europe and the US because it will convert, bit by bit, Western countries into developing ones like Brazil or Colombia, will no doubt be the source of future real and understandable anti-semitism, and of course by that time fools like yourself will again play victim and cry anti-semitism, and feel once more persecuted because of “envy”, as has been the narrative for centuries.”

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