“Faustus,” in the form of his rebbe talmudic “familiar”

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“Europe” is a conception, not a geographic entity – a smallish promontory on the westernmost facing part of the Asian landmass.

As such, it isn’t anything more or less than the combined willpower and weaponry of those who claim ‘ownership’ over it. In times past, that dynamic shifted repeatedly, between those who inhabited that space between Atlantic and the Sea of Azov… and those who would periodically flood out of the eastern steppes to take by sword and lance whatever they could.

In the current moment in time, that claim to ownership reflects the result of close to two centuries of quiet but intense efforts on the part of a moneypower with roots in the Middle East to sequester both political and economic control of those remaining part of Europe which they had not already conquered by mercantile guile – in sequence… Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland and finally, England would become the power base of a hidden empire which needed no ‘flag’ to bring attention to its might.

Of all the great national sovereignties of “Europe,” only Germany stayed out of their net. Till Weimar, that is. Then, with everyone in the bag, the floodgates of hell were unleashed, and the war which would wound Europe fatally – from the Atlantic to the Urals – was provoked to bleed, from that gene pool, all those of high intellect and leadership qualities who had not yet been purged in the first go round 1914-18. “Recovery” in an economic sense was of course achieved… upon a base of mortgaging our collective futures to the moneylenders in return for a few generations of ‘easy livin’ and technological miracles.

This is over… and is time to pay the piper for the blood contract advanced and signed. Goethe had no equal in defining its terms. Europe had no ears for taking his hint. “Faustus,” in the form of his rebbe talmudic “familiar“- Rabbi Loew of Prague” has built his Golem… and it lumbers now towards its doom.

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