A history of Crass Commercialism of Britain

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RT reports:

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Theresa May this week as she reportedly looks for a free trade deal with the nation on course to be the world’s biggest economy.

Britain sends just 3 percent of its exports of goods and services to China, something which May will be looking to boost with the 50 representatives she has taken with her.

The annual value of UK-China trade is about $84 billion, much less than the $211 billion in trade between Germany and China.

Language Hat reminds us:

Ivan the Terrible once used the (derogatory) term to refer to Queen Elizabeth in one of his letters.

He was complaining that he, the tsar, was writing to the queen about matters of the state – possible military alliance, dynastic marriages and stuff like that – but, she, the queen, in her correspondence with the tsar was only interested with lowly matters of trade and profit.

And in irritation, he called her “poshlaya devica” (mercantile merchant girl?)

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