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AaronB says:

Of course, Israeli Arabs, Jew or not, become hideous under Americanized culture. Happens in America too. It’s a thin veneer. Take away the artificial Europeans crust, it’ll fall away naturally.

European cities are quite a bit older than Tel Aviv, as is Bangkok. The Jewish quarter in Jerusalem, populated mainly by American Ashkenazi Jews, is clean and nice – and hideously dull.

It really is about a different sensibility. If the Dutch lived in Tel Aviv, it would look completely different.

The average Israeli is much poorer than the average person in the UK, and the country feels a million times more run down and less modern. GDP reflects massive inequality, worse than in America. Which is what you would expect in a country heavily influenced by American Jews .

The future of Israel may be Ashdod – tiny super wealthy enclaves, hideously dull and sanitized, in a sea of Middle Eastern chaos.

As life becomes dull and materialistic under the neoliberal regime that is creating Ashdods and driving inequality, morale declines, and there is an increasing reliance on technology to fight wars.

I cannot tell you how many unhappy and disaffected Israelis I meet abroad.

With America in terminal decline, the fragile, artificial entity, brittle at its core, will be absorbed into the region.

Dissident X says:

Hadith is to the Koran what the Talmud is to the Torah, except that in Islam, there is a major schism between those that refute and reject the Hadith, Moslems, and those that accept it, takfiri heretics. In ‘judaism’ (a made-up word meaning nothing intrinsically), this schism has NOT occurred, and the extremist leadership runs the ideological collective.

Islam respects all men as equal under a supreme being, whether they are in the house (i.e. Moslem) or not in the house. Torah-Talmudism is based on absolute rejection of the universality of people under the supreme being, self-recognizing only their common adherents as ‘chosen’ and worthy of and in receipt of the blessing and favour of the higher being.

How truly pathetic is that? (very truly pathetic, it seems to me).

All ‘jews’ should actually read the talmud, and then make up their minds whether they want to include themselves with with an affiliation for which systemic hatred is the basis for their identity.
Many decent people would leave the value-proposition (favourable rights, i.e. more, and responsibilities i.e. less) and publicly disassociate themselves from these global gangsters.

Read “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed

Please, if you love this planet, encourage everyone you know, nicely, and politely, to read this book!

Here is what is true about those issues. The one Kingdom of Israel split into two nations. Essentially, 9 tribes (and half of the tribe of Benjamin) made up the larger part of the split and kept the name Israel. The other two tribes and half of Benjamin took the name Judah, from the largest of the tribes, and the tribe of David, as well as the tribe from which the prophesied Messias/Christos would come. In addition to David’s tribe and messianic prophecy, Judah had Jerusalem and thus the Temple.

Because Judah had the Temple, the northern kingdom, which God specifically allowed to come to fruition essentially peacefully, began as religiously schismatic. As Mosaic religion requires the Temple, even devout Abraham/Moses religious Hebrews in Israel were cut off from the religion partly at first and then, after the construction of a non-religiously sanctioned new temple in Israel, totally.

The people of Judah began calling the people of Israel Samaritans, after the capital, and damned the new temple and everything to do with it as not authorized by God and therefore heretical.

When the Assyrians conquered Israel, the Judeans said it proved God’s fury at the false temple. The Assyrians – true Semites – used a policy of ethnic destruction of those they conquered by castrating most males and forcing the conquered women to marry or be concubines for Assyrians or for men whose people had been pacified under Assyrian rule. Probably all Israelite men who were allowed to keep their testicles would have been forced to marry non-Israelite women.

So, almost immediately upon being conquered, the people living in Israel/Samaria were made half-breeds. And that is what the Judeans began focusing on: the Samaritans were not racially pure.

The Chaldean/Neo-Babylonians who conquered Judea much later transported almost all important Judeans eastward, but they did not force everyone to inter-breed with non-Judeans. So when Judeans were allowed to return to Judea by the Persians (who had conquered Babylon), they saw themselves as having been saved genetically, racially, by God, which proved that Samaritans, being all half-breeds at best, were evil and perhaps evil because of being half-breed.

The Judeans purged mixed marriages among themselves and set a course of equating Jewish pure blood with any chance of being good before God.

And God Incarnate made that utter perversion of the Law of Moses central to condemning the Pharisees.

If not earlier, soon after the failure of the false messiah Simon bar Kokhba rebellion against Rome (ended 136 AD), the vast majority of Samaritans would have been Christian.

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