God is NOT in the real estate business

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“….we know that 3,000 years ago the Celtic people resided in places like present-day Switzerland. Just because 3,000 years ago some people believed that God gave Jerusalem specifically to the Jewish people, that doesn’t mean that you ignore the next 3,000 years and the place should become the capital of Israel based on biblical references. The idea that the rights of the Palestinian people can be ignored because of religious text written down thousands of years ago is absolutely ludicrous.” CRAIG MURRAY


God is NOT in the real estate business. I used to think lie that, but then remembered that I approve of the reconquest of Spain and would rejoice if Constantinople was reurned to the Christians

Any person ascribing to and in any way, supporting an ideology of separation and domination of all humankind, recognizing out-group people as ‘beastial’ and ‘only looking like ‘humans’ to better serve ‘the chosen people’ are collaborators, even if only in a small way.

All people should recognize the inherent anti-social imperative of this Torah-Talmud ideology, those self-recognizing as ‘jew’ should publicly and definitely renounce this ideology and move on with the rest, and as part of humanity.

Nationalism is a transitional state towards empire. It can never be stable.

It is based on the principle of ego, which is inherently expansive.

No Western political entity has ever been stable.

Stable entities, like Egypt or China, are based on limiting ego. A completely different approach to the world.

Modern diverse western states are riven by internal factions. Nationalism would transfer those internal ego fights to the outside world.

Internal ego fights would become external ego fights.

Many people think this would be an improvement over our current situation. We’ve lived in that would before.

Our current situation was an attempt to escape that world – by turning ego fights internal. That created it’s own problems, as we see.

The West has been unable to conceive of politics as cooperative rather than competitive – it oscillates between internal competition between groups and factions, or internal unity for the purpose of competing on the world stage.

But always, competition, dialectics, tension.

It is a nice dream, that we can limit ego to “just the right amount”. But ego has its own momentum. Ego must be externally limited. We cannot count on it stopping at just the right moment.

Nationalism may be one element, but a state cannot be “based” on it, and no stable state has.

Maybe it’s time to look beyond.

But, we probably won’t, because the West has lost its creativity, and can only shuffle between a limited menu of options that have become fossilized.

Such is the senility of a civilization.

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