Selling out Turkey to Russia

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What I really think is that this is a charade. In fact, the US is making room and facilitating the full entry of Russia into the Middle East, its takeover of the critical gates to the Mediterranean Sea from the Turks, while at the same time facilitating the undermining of Israel through the setting up of a One-State Solution.

If the two-state solution is no longer in the cards, the only alternative is the one-state solution. Right? But isn’t that what the Iranians said all along? Isn’t that the position of Israel’s sworn enemy? Yes, the one-state solution, democratic and multi-cultural!

Trump is just a cover – and a soother of the Israelis’ worst fears, but in fact he is setting up their demise under the guise of US support. Every time there is a further retreat by the US from its strongholds in Syria, this time East Ghouta, all we hear about is North Korea and how hard the US might come down on them.

The North Koreans and the South Koreans, for those who follow at a minimum the latest developments, are doing just fine, hob-nobbing like two brothers at the Olympics, talking about concrete steps towards reunification, while all the MSM are on another planet describing an upcoming unprovoked war as a matter of convenience.

The US is actually assisting, in this way, in cleaning up thousands, tens of thousands of an overpopulation of disposable young Arab males, while at the same time assisting in giving control over Syria back to its legitimate government, under Russian ownership. Furthermore, it closes its eyes to the incredible advance of the Iranian and Hezbollah forces to the very border of Israel, while talking about “high minded” issues like the nonsensical Embassy move to Jerusalem.

By using the false issue of Kurdistan as a direct hit on Turkey, the US is basically pushing its ally into the arms of its centuries-old enemy, which is Russia. If Russia were to take control over the Bosporus and Dardanelles militarily, it would never, ever be able to subdue the Turk guerrillas who would oppose such a perceived humiliation. But if the Turkish government declares itself a vassal of Russia – their savior from the Kurdish threat, that would bring full legitimacy to its capitulation… even if the Turks fought against such an existential threat for about 500 years. All of that goes up like the vapors of a narghile pipe.

The end of the Cold War actually took place in-between 1979-83 with the final Madrid Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, which means that the world is now being carved up in a different way, finally rolling up the loose ends, specifically the difficult-to-sell American retreat from Europe and the Middle East.

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