Marxism vs “Cultural Marxism”

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That silent majority that elected Nixon doesn’t exist any more.

It’s about 30 years too late for that option to work.

Revolts and revolutions usually happen when the screws of oppression get loosened a little and when things are improving – that’s when people get confident enough to fight back.

At the moment the screws are getting tightened and things in general are getting worse. That produces demoralisation and apathy rather than revolt.

White people and social conservatives are much much more passive and demoralised now than at any time in history. The chances of a fight-back have never been smaller. If a fight-back was going to happen it would have happened in the 90s, when political correctness might still possibly have been resisted. But it wasn’t resisted. There was no fight-back.

Worrying about commies and Marxism is at least forty years out of date. Communism is dead.

What we’re dealing with now is globalism and it’s a different animal. It’s a kind of internationalist capitalism in alliance with Big Government but it has little in common with anything an actual Marxist would recognise as Marxism or communism.

And by the way, “Cultural Marxism” is not Marxist.

When one frets about the commies under the bed it sounds like still fighting the Cold War.

Except that it’s not the same agenda. And it’s not being pushed by the same people.

The same tactics, because those tactics work. But one can use the same tactics to advance very different agendas.

The homosexual agenda has zero to do with marxism or communism. The homosexual agenda, feminism, the attacks on the family – these were part of the agenda of the New Left, and the New Left represented the abandonment of actual left-wing/Marxist beliefs. The process began around 1970 or thereabouts and by the 1990s the Old Left was all but destroyed, replaced by the New Left which was ideologically almost the polar opposite of the Old Left.

Actual communists despised the “cultural marxism” nonsense. Communists believed in economic justice. “Social justice” is incompatible with economic justice.

I was actually arguing that the New Left are the Bad Guys. They’re just tools of global capitalism.

The real key is leadership. There has never been a truly spontaneous uprising of the masses. Leadership is required. Which means not just a leader but a strong disciplined leadership group (a revolutionary vanguard if you like).

And that’s a big problem. There are indeed plenty of dissidents at the moment, people who are thoroughly fed up, but that leadership is lacking.

Given capable leadership it may be possible to stage a successful revolution (or in this case counter-revolution) even when the screws of oppression have been tightened but in that case it would require very smart very determined leaders.

So far there’s no sign of the necessary leadership. We need a Lenin or a Mao. Lenin and Mao were controversial men but as revolutionaries they were certainly geniuses. We need a “conservative” Lenin!

The great advantage of Marxism is that it seemed to encourage the kind of disciplined thinking and ruthlessness (and patience) that a successful revolution requires. The Bolsheviks were a tiny group but they won.

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