Boris Johnson’s Chutzpah and ‘Deluge of Lies’ (20 in 2 Minutes)

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It’s time to take a stand

crosstalk_battling_narratives_youtube.png?itok=mlHiElPiCharles Bausman

Mr. Johnson is the gift that keeps on giving. Last week I reprinted an article by him from the Telegraph, with a few pointed words of introduction, and it was enough to expose him as a miserable liar. Well now he’s at it again.

Enough already!

Truth be told, I’m not sure Johnson even writes his own material. It has that ring to it of the recent Oxbridge grad, the recent hire at the Economist. They are so thoroughly mendacious that it is a little hard imagining him sitting there lying so shamelessly. It’s more like the kind of thing you have a pro write up, and then force old BoJo to sign with a gun to his head. I wonder what Kompromat they have on the old boy.

This past Tuesday in the Times of London, there appeared just such an article, all of 450 words. I timed myself reading it slowly, and came in at just under two minutes. Full text of his rabid effrontery follows below.

What struck me was what a magnficent number of lies the man (or somebody) managed to pack in to so few words.

He squeezed in: poisoning the Skripals, gassing the Syrians, illegally seizing Crimea, starting the Donbas war, hacking the Bundestag, supporting a genocidal war against the Syrian people, threatening European values and security, interfering in elections (plural), harboring ‘reckless ambition’, and that is just the first minute!

It so happens that none of these things are true, not in the least, which Mr. Johnson, and anyone paying attention knows very well.

The other thing that jumped out was the pot / kettle routine, falsely accusing the Russians of doing something unspeakably vile, while doing exactly that yourself. This is a deliberate technique, common in Jewish rhetoric. The effect is to momentarily, at least, confuse an honest person who has trouble imagining that someone could be so cynically, impudently, dishonest. Jews have a word for it: ‘Chutzpah’. No such word exists in other languages, for no other people engage in this sort of thing reflexively.

Johnson accuses the Kremlin of a ‘deluge of lies’, when it is precisely Mr. Johnson and the media (mostly Jewish owned) who back him who have launched such a deluge. He says ‘the cynicism of the (Russian) propaganda machine was exposed for all to see’, when in fact it is the cynicism and lying, the ‘Chutzpah’, one might say, of the Jewish media and Mr. Johnson which leaves one speechless. Mr. Johnson employs ‘Chutzpah’ in talking about ‘Chutzpah’, – it certainly does befuddle for a moment or two.

Johnson then ridicules the idea that the Skripal poisoning was a false flag, when in fact it is patently obvious that it was, and it is entirely obvious that Mr. Johnson was involved in its manufacture, judging from all the wild lies he immediately began trumpeting about the whole affair, clearly premeditated, and clearly on que. More remarkable ‘Chutzpah’.

Mr. Johnson is right, there was a time when this sort of thing was effective, but we live in an age of greater information transparency than those unfortunate times. Mr. Johnson is trying to pull a Tony Blair, a Colin Powell, an ‘Iraq’, but is not smart enough to realize that this just won’t work anymore, because he will immediately have a 100 people like me with substantial audiences hooting and heckling and ridiculing him, and social media in the millions lambasting him.

He must be particularly dense not to understand this.

Gentlemen, it is time we take action. The more these scoundrels are exposed by the transparency of our age, paradoxically, the more desperate their ploys, and the more extreme their lies. They remind one of enormous reptiles, overtaken by a changing world, unable to adapt, writhing in their misery as they go extinct, yet armed with nuclear codes and capable of doing a huge amount of violence, and spending vast amounts of OUR money. We live in fantastically dangerous times. Many observers have noted that strangely, this new, fake Cold War, is actually more dangerous than the old one, which was pretty awful.

I have written in detail about the role of the Jewish-owned media in this dangerous travesty, and how their lying will not stop unless we start calling them out on this, pointing out what is obvious, that it is a Jewish phenomenon. Many thousands of readers have responded and supported me on this. I’ve written about the ominous march to war over the past three weeks. I’ve written about the fact that it is mostly the Jewish media which endorse and support Mr. Johnson’s extreme mendacity.

We cannot let ourselves be intimidated by these psychopaths. If we simply join together and take a stand, we can stop them. I am raising funds to fight this menace – I explain in detail how and why in this article. So far the response has been very positive, people have sent in and pledged over $15,000 in 4 days.

Please join us and make a donation today. Unless we stand up and take responsibility for what is happening, it will never get better.

I, for one, HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

The full text of Johnson’s puerile concoctions follows below. I put in bold every lie that I noticed, and they came out to 22. See for yourself.

This. Must. Stop.

Please join our fundraiser today!

West takes a stand to halt reckless ambitions

The Times, March 27, 2018

Never before have so many countries come together to expel Russian diplomats. By last night, the total stood at more than 20 nations collectively deciding to remove more than 100 Kremlin officials. In the process these allies of Britain have consciously placed themselves at risk of retaliation.

Their principled stand in the aftermath of the use of a nerve agent in Salisbury on March 4 may well carry a price, perhaps in the form of some of their own diplomats being removed from Moscow, so I am deeply grateful to all the nations who have resolved to act. And I believe that yesterday’s events could become a turning point. Do not underestimate the effect of these measures on Russia’s networks of espionage. When the Foreign & Commonwealth Office evicted 23 undeclared intelligence officers from the Russian embassy in London, we eviscerated the Kremlin’s painstakingly assembled operation in Britain.

Yesterday’s action delivers a further blow from which Russian intelligence will need many years to recover. But I will resist any temptation to proclaim that the response was all about us. Our allies have responded because they share our view of the threat posed by the Kremlin to their values and security.

The use of a banned nerve agent on British soil falls into a wider pattern of President Putin’s reckless behaviour. In the past 4 years, the Kremlin has annexed Crimea, ignited the flames of conflict in the Donbas region of Ukraine, hacked the German Bundestag, interfered in elections across the world, sought to hide Assad’s use of poison gas and joined his onslaught against the Syrian people.

The common thread is Mr Putin’s willingness to defy the essential rules on which the safety of every country depends. Hence every responsible nation shares a vital interest in standing firm against him. Our allies have not been deterred by Russia’s usual tactics for avoiding pressure. Sure enough, the Kremlin began pumping out a deluge of lies almost as soon as Sergei and Yulia Skripal had entered intensive care. So far, my colleagues at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office have identified 21 theories broadcast by the Russian state media, ranging from the sublime (Skripal overdosed because he was addicted to Novichok) to the absurd (America did it to “destabilise the world”) to the offensive (The UK poisoned its own city to spoil the World Cup).

There was a time when this tactic of sowing doubt might have been effective, but no one is fooled anymore. I believe yesterday was a moment when the cynicism of the propaganda machine was exposed for all to see. The western alliance took decisive action and Britain’s partners came together against the Kremlin’s reckless ambitions.

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