US Clowns at War – 2018 Trump’s “nice & new & stupid”

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Russian MoD: US alongside UK and France launched 103 cruise missiles and air-surface missiles on Syrian civil and military facilities, 71 missiles were intercepted by Syrian air defense systems.

Killed-0, slightly wounded 3 civilian. To repel the attack, Damascus deployed Soviet-made surface-to-air missile systems, including S-125, S-200, 2K12 Kub, Buk, Osa.

A strong message indeed. 250 million US$ literally wasted over night only to be intercepted by Soviet era anti-air defense systems..

Missiles intercepted / launched:
– Duwali airbase – 4/4
– Dumayr airbase – 12/12
– Baley airbase – 18/18
– Shayrat airbase – 12/12
– Mezzeh airbase (not used) – 5/9
– Homs airbase – 13/16 (slightly damaged)
– Barzeh and Jaramanieh – 7/30
Total interception – 71/103

In order, the effectiveness of these air defense systems were recorded as follows:

Pantsir-S1: 25 missiles fired, 23 hits scored.
Buk-M2: 29 missiles fired, 24 hits scored.
Kub: 21 missiles fired, 11 hits scored.
Strela-10: 5 missiles fired, 3 hits scored.
Osa: 11 missiles fired, 5 hits scored.
S-125: 13 missiles fired, 5 hits scored.
S-200: 8 missiles fired, 0 hits scored.

The complete ineffectiveness of the S-200 to successfully engage any of the attacking cruise missiles has been put down to the SAM system’s biased design towards intercepting high-altitude aircraft, not low-flying missiles.

The statistics likely fail to account for Western cruise missiles that were downed or driven off target due to ‘soft-kill’ electronic warfare systems – something which Russian sources will never confirm the use of.

In any case, going by official numbers, the interception rate of Syrian air defenses during the US-led missile attack stands at about 70 percent.

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