Behind the Headlines: Dismantling the Empire

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Recent developments appear to strengthen the likelihood of a world-changing ‘parting of the ways’ between the US and Europe. The EU sounds serious about rejecting Washington’s wishes and sticking to the Iran Deal, investing heavily in Iran’s economic development and by-passing the ‘petrodollar system’ to trade in euros if necessary.

Will European countries like Germany instead forge closer trade and security relations with Russia?

On the other side of the ocean, there are increasing signs of a historic breakthrough, not so much about North Korea’s denuclearization, but about ending the Korea’s two state divide, the signing of a peace treaty and eventual reunification of the country – a step towards US troupes leaving the peninsula.

For all the criticism Trump’s foreign policy receives – from the Left and from Globalists, for being a ‘bull in a China shop’; from the Right and those who voted for him, for ‘caving to the Deep State’ – the US president appears to be broadly sticking to his election mandate of ‘America First’, a strategic outlook that may indicate the beginning of the dismantling the US Empire.

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