Why the “decimation” of Libya?

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Libya’s destruction by FUKUS (France, UK, US) was never about weapons of mass destruction or R2P protection of populations. From the jump, FUKUS goals in Africa were threefold:
1. Destroy Gaddafi’s Jamahariya so as to prevent the formation of a sovereign African currency bloc. The planned creation of an African monetary fund was signaling the death knell of the franc CFA currency from which France and other parts of the EU bloc derive much of their power. The Libyan operation was also a continuation of what happened prior in Ivory Coast. The ousted Ivorian president who wanted to leave the franc CFA currency is now rotting for close to a decade at the imperial court like Milosevic before him.
2. Steal Libyan sovereign wealth funds (almost 500 billions euros) to prop up the failing Western banking system.
3. Most importantly, to secure the Taoudeni basin in the Sahel. Taoudeni is a sort of consolation prize and collateral in a time of crisis for the FUKUS bloc who would love to get their hands on Siberia… The Taoudeni basin is rich in hydrocarbons, rare earths, gold, gas, you name it. And it’s smack dab in the middle of a most important trans-Saharan trade route through which lucrative fungible assets transit.
In the meantime, “Fremen” in the Sahel will continue to wreak havoc upon foreign invaders. Lots of potential targets for those “Fremen.” Besides FUKUS, Germans, Dutch and other EU forces are now setting up bases in the Sahel to secure the resource war booty.
Seen from Mali, when the war against Ghaddafi erupted, the whole downtown administration sector of Bamako was a gift from Libya so tons of Malians went to war to support him. Meanwhile, Gbagbo was ousted thanks to French special ops and a year later Mali went through a coup d’etat by a US-trained officer. Nowadays, there are regular attacks in the north of Mali by various jihadi groups on UN camps while Touareg secession is blocked, preventing control of the resources by anyone not aligned with AFRICOM/France.

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