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We have plenty of smart people. Decades of IQ points above mine, but these people aren’t “aware”. They don’t understand the evils of the government as the tool of the evil oligarchs. They roll their eyes at any mention of 911 being perpetrated by Israhell. They don’t understand the Fed. They actually watch TV (or as somebody said yesterday – The Electronic Jew). They think voting matters.

Smart does not equate to aware, i.e. see it as it is.

Aware, is this site and others like it. Aware, is people who aren’t afraid to throw it out there (although even that is proving to be pointless).

I shouldn’t be all negative. There are greater and greater numbers who have pulled the plug, but as a whole….. it really isn’t that many. Maybe:

2% males at most.
0.5% of females.

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