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Read yesterday, that from 1999 to 2015, the Pentagon spent 21 Trillion dollars that it can ‘not account for’. Currently there are 2,400 ‘auditors’ trying to audit the operation.

However, it is not just the 21 Trillion of ‘unallocated spending’ that is the problem, the problem is much bigger than that, because in addition to the 21 Trillion, the Pentagon has also spent an ‘authorized’ 650 Billion, annually, for the so-called ‘defense’. That ‘authorized expenditure’ amounts to another 10.4 Trillion, so, in fact, the Pentagon has received, and spent, 31.4 Trillion in 16 years, or roughly 2 Trillion per year, to maintain over 1,000 foreign ‘bases’ and to keep feeding the total incompetents in the armament industries with ever greater amounts of money to produce ‘weapons’ that would be wiped out on the battlefield within minutes.

So, in fact, The country has been spending 60% of annual government budgets on the MIC. That is a fantastic and gross amount that have left the majority of the people in the country virtually destitute.

I first heard of that 60% number from a {former} American multi-millionaire. At first I didn’t believe it, but with the most recent ‘revelations’, I can now see that he was exactly correct. 60% of the budget is going to war production when the country is not ‘at war’ with any significant opposition, and with the addition of trillions more for missile defense, drumpf’s idiotic new ‘space force’ and the like, it is going higher.

Take the Abram’s tanks for instance. Right now, today, the military has over 10,000 Abrams in ‘cold storage’ in Texas and every year, Ohio produces another 1,500 of them. A tank that has long since lost any strategic advantage on the battlefield, a gas guzzler that depends for it’s effectiveness on crazy, massive, in theatre resupply support, using gasoline tankers that are air dropped to the tank battalions. That might work in a third world country like Libya or Iraq, but it won’t work where it counts.

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