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mark green says:

Brilliant synthesis. Excellent article. Patrick McDermott hits it out of the ballpark, noting correctly that ethnocentrism is “instinctual”. So true. So obvious. And this suppressed truth is just the tip of the iceberg. America lives under ‘intellectual occupation’.

But the hardening scientific facts involving race, kinship, and phenotype are testament to the hollowness of ‘anti-racist’ rhetoric and ideologies that dominate so much of the American landscape.

These liberal creeds pretend to repudiate (all) ‘racism’ and bigotry, but in political fact, they strategically target only white Americans. This makes these lofty ‘values’ not only disingenuous but unfair and destructive.

Highfalutin (but bogus) liberalism has come to play a diabolical role. It undermines white cohesion and white solidarity. Meanwhile, from high above, irreversible demographic changes are being orchestrated.

MacDermott correctly observes that the West’s unsought ethno-racial transformation is what’s behind the reinvigoration of white identity in Europe and America. This at least is good news.

Says MacDermott:

“Ethnic conflict has been a constant in human relations—everywhere and throughout history. More recently, 64 percent of all civil wars since 1946 have divided along ethnic lines. Such conflicts are highly correlated with genetic diversity and ethnic polarization. Some of the worst examples, such as Yugoslavia, Rwanda, and Sudan, have included ethnic cleansing and genocide.”

Very true. Very important. And while MacDermott avoids mentioning a more obvious example, the most persistent expression of this phenomena can be seen in Israel/Palestine, where allegedly ‘Semitic’ Jews are doing whatever it takes to keep their lesser (Semitic) cousins at arms length–in this case, in the caged ghettos of Gaza and the West Bank.

Undue and uncompromising Jewish influence in Zio-America is allowing this race-born outrage to continue. Sadly, Israeli savagery routinely receives Zio-Washington’s unconditional blessing, trillion-dollar subsidy, and unflinching diplomatic cover.

But besides the disputed territory and Israel’s untouchable political power, what nourishes the endless Israel/Palestine impasse?

Jewish ‘exceptionalism’ is one key motivator.

The Chosen people are convinced that they are born vastly superior to their Semitic cousins.

Thus, strict segregation is required for the assurance of ‘Jewish (genetic) continuity’. This objective however requires steadfast cruelty since the natives are still restless and rebelling.

Supremacism means never having to say you’re sorry. This is especially true since, ironically, peace between Jews and Arabs could potentially lead to increased Jewish ‘outmarriage’ in Israel and consequently, the gradual reduction in Israeli (Jewish) IQ and Jewish ‘exceptionalism’ (supremacy).

Over time, potential genetic intermingling would very possibly undermine Jewish magnificence and therefore, Jewish cohesion. This could then translate into a loss of Jewish solidarity and ‘community’. It’s possible.

This downturn could subsequently affect Jewish wealth and power, and that is certainly not an outcome that the Jewish community desires.

Leaders of the global Jewish community are smart enough to envision this scenario and to prevent it from happening. They use The Holocaust (and it’s potential re-0currance) as an all-purpose excuse. But it’s phony. Self-segregation is a sacred, ancient Jewish value. Thus the glamorization of interracial romance is directed only at the goyim, as is the message of Open Borders. Just turn on your TV. It’s there constantly.

These ‘liberal, democratic’ messages however are never advocated in Israel, nor are they directed at young Jews via Israeli TV, news, entertainment or education.

You will never see glamorous depictions of Jewish/Arab miscegenation on Israeli television, even though black/white ‘family formation’ on Jewish-owned mass media in America is ubiquitous.

Hostile US elites (Jews) apparently want non-Jewish whites to become mixed, brown. This racial objective however is anathema to Jewish values. It’s strictly for the goyim.

Meanwhile, whites in America are not permitted to think or hold values like Israeli Jews, or to even express similar preferences inside the civilization that they and their forefathers created. This speaks volumes about the lack of freedom in America. Yes, we live under intellectual occupation.

For many Israeli Jews (the dominant thinking goes) strict segregation–if not active warfare–is the only sure way to maintain ‘hafrada’ (separation) for Jews in Israel since they are surrounded by tens of millions of similar-looking but ‘unexceptional’ Arabs.

Unlike America, walls (and segregation) remain sacred in Israel. But not here.

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