Why Doesn’t Putin Give Assad S-300’S?

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By George Ades – I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been asked: “Why doesn’t Putin give Assad S-300?”

First of all, I would like to say that if I were Putin, I wouldn’t be supplying the Syrian military with S-300s, at this moment in time.

Russia is in Syria, by invitation of the legitimate government of that Sovereign State, for one purpose: to rid Syria of the terrorist proxy army of the west. NOT to start WWIII.

Let me explain. What happens if the Syrian military gets S-300s and uses them to shoot down a US/NATO or Israeli plane? Will these superior forces back down and leave Syria alone? Unlikely.

The S-300 may be one of the best anti-aircraft weapons around, but it’s not a nuclear weapon. By itself, it will not be enough to deter a determined adversary. A lot more will be needed to counter the retaliation that will surely come once such a weapon is used by the Syrians. Is the Syrian military and people, fatigued by years of fighting these proxy forces, in a position to handle an all out war with Israel and/or the US/NATO? And what would Russia’s response to such an eventuality be? Would they stand idly by and see an ally destroyed by the US and its minions? What happens if they DO get involved, if the Russians themselves start shooting down Israel and/or NATO planes? THINK….

Both S-300 and S-400s are present in Syria. They are in the hands of the Russian military and since the terrorists have no official airforce of their own, their purpose is to act as a deterrent. So far, this has worked pretty well.

Let Syria liberate its soil first. Let the Syrians retake control of their own borders. Let them draw a breath from all these years of fighting and there will be plenty of time to supply that country with all it needs to safeguard its integrity. Now is not the time.

The Russian government’s and its military’s primary concern is to safeguard the Russian people’s welfare and security.

They are not there to satisfy some people’s lust for blood.

Russia has not invaded or bombed, threatened to invade or bomb any country. All the actions of the Russian leadership indicate that they are always pressing to resolve issues not by force, but through dialogue.

The Russian military is strong no doubt, but its function is the defence of Russian soil and that of the Russian nation.

Please avoid making shallow comments like: “Russia is afraid of taking on Israel.” If Israel had attacked Russia or Russians, I have no doubt they would more than adequately defend themselves. Remember, we are not talking about schoolyard fights here. Once the missiles start flying, it will get ugly very quickly and it will be nothing like watching a Hollywood movie from the comfort of your living rooms, while going through a six pack.

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