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The main thrust of the conquest of the Americas was by Spain and what transpired was the mass mining and export of gold and silver (at horrific cost to the gunless natives both in illness and being systematically worked to death). This gold and silver was not simply to fill up Spanish coffers. No, it was to be able to open up trade routes with the Chinese Empire and diaspora, the Big Dog in the known world. Early mariners arriving in Indian ports – and later Indonesian and later Chinese – described ports larger than any in Europe, indeed large ports like Mumbai were described as containing more ships than all the ships in Europe. Mind-blowing. But Europe had no goods to offer in trade given that Asian crafts, spices, workmanship was many generations ahead of our own. We had no silks, no food, no other textiles. Portuguese and Dutch used gold and silver to buy spices, silks and furniture from the Chinese to take back to Europe in trade. Probably some Spanish did too (don’t recall those details), but for sure once they found silver and gold in the Americas, that’s what it was used for by the Spanish: trade with China.

Then what happened? The gold and silver ran out, sometime in the early 1700′s (I think). So now this is where it gets interesting. Sometime in the mid 1700′s, an Englishman commissioned an engineer to design and make a special machine (Spinning Jenny) which could make cloth faster and cheaper than by human labor. Why? So that his ships (many of which built in India because they made better ships back then) could undercut Indian cotton manufacturers (mainly housewives) and thus he would have something to trade in Asia given there was no more gold and silver to be had by plundering Spanish ships returning from the Americas. So he would sell the cotton to the Indians – which were a densely populated, sophisticated and rich multi-national continent – in exchange for gold or silver, the main currency of the Chinese-based Empire, and then continue on through Asia buying spices and so forth with that earned currency. That is what the Spinning Jenny was made for: to raise funds with which to buy Chinese product lines.

And THAT was a major catalyst for the industrial revolution and the rest, as they say, is history.

But now Eurasia is coming back, though. It’s a funny thing: if America First polity actually developed, it would allow Eurasia to develop peacefully and in so doing dismantle all its foreign bases, let banking system hegemony go and so on.

The Chinese Mandarin system is merit-based. The competition to get into lower level schools is ferocious and the main reason so many come to western schools. They can’t get into the best ones in China where they have 100 applicants for each place. Then their one-party system means that internal competition to rise through the ranks there is intense and by the time someone gets to the top levels they are extremely experienced, well known (warts and all) and ready for the next level. We have nothing like that except our entrenched Deep State operatives who operate in the shadows much more than they do. This system is rarely analyzed but it is managing about 1.5 billion people going through rapid, massive change and doing so rather well. No other civilization right now has their experience in managing such large undertakings which is why they just got a contract to build an entire city in the Middle East a few months ago. Not Russia, not the US, nobody could have put forward a plan backed with demonstrated experience.

But again: this really isn’t about either Russia or China alone. This is a Great Game play. And unless the ‘Anglo-Zionists’ spoil the fun by dropping nukes here and there, they have already won simple because of geography and shared vision. It must be very exciting to live in central Eurasia right now.

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