Losing the Trade War with China

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China is spread across all of Asia, with Chinese plants in every locale. They are moving into South America, which the US has treated like garbage for years.
The US trades with 102 nations and has a trade deficit with all of them. Look at the numbers. China Trade is 4.2 Trillion and only 15% is US-Trade related. Do you comprehend this? China does more trade with Europe than the US. The US is small potatoes. The USA is the next France.

Then, while you were being the military bully of the world, China was expanding into all of Asia. If you include all of ASIA together, they dwarf the US GDP and its whole economy. And they are growing, most of them in double digits.

Further, are you even aware that Hong Kong, a province of China, is immune from US tariffs by Federal law and treaty?

In the last several months, China has stopped buying cars made in the USA. Before this Trump Tariff nonsense, they bought more US cars than Americans bought.

China has stopped buying US shale, which only they can refine. Europe won’t buy it. China replaced it all with Iranian oil. Then China cut off beef imports from the US and bought beef from Brazil. Brazil packers are now doubling production. China bought all its soy for the year. US soy production is now under water and won’t even come to harvest until Nov. The whole crop is a loss. Brazil has agree to double Its production next year.

As you were sleeping, China has methodically stopped buying US products to reduce its dependence on US supplies. Other countries are doing the same. This is Smoot Hawley all over again. Trump is a complete fool. China is smart and has the best traders in the world.

US problems are internal. What do you make, in the USA? Nothing that can’t be bought elsewhere, cheaper. Even Airbus is doing better, thanks to Trump. Boeing is taking a hit.

Look at handheld devices. The US chipmakers INTEL and Microsoft missed the entire handheld revolution. YOU are falling behind each and every day. Trump tells you he is the big bully but at 15% of China trade, you are little more than the tail of the dog.

The US is just a blowhard nation. China should ignore Trump and Pompeo and continue their enormously successful global trade efforts.

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