US as Seen in Old Poland

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Denis says

Excellent piece Mr. Shamir. I always look forward to your views on Unz’ articles; you have a way of reviewing them in layman’s terms, which I like.

One thing that occurs to me when reading your and Unz’ articles is the comparison that he made between America today and Russia near the end of the Tsar’s days. He said that the average American is becoming like the abused Russian commoner in the Pale of Settlement, hated and exploited by his Jewish neighbours. He might have added that this commoner his also hated and exploited by his government; that would make the parallel even more accurate.

But I think the most accurate analogy to modern America can be seen in old Poland, when it was Poland-Lithuania, before it was conquered by Russia and the Germans. That state was a perfect example of what becomes of the common people in a land where Jews dominate, or nearly dominate. The Serfs were constantly terrorized by their lords’ Jewish retainers, and the rich Jews were a pseudo-nobility; they were allowed to tax and exploit Christians Churches first the Orthodox, and then the Catholics a well, while they gave a portion of the proceedings to the nobility.

All the while, the state became weaker and weaker, and was progressively taken down by Russia, while the justified rage of the commoners was redirected away from the nobles and the rich Jews and towards Russia. The commoners were kept in ignorance and poverty, and were taught that Russians were the cause of this. Americans are being forced to relive this situation almost exactly.

Also, you say:

“Like fire, like women, – Jews are good when under control and dangerous and destructive when they are in control.”

I am going to steal this, haha.

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