Empire’s Terminal Incompetence

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Ian Walsh may be correct that the US military “is showing signs of intense incompetence,” but I want to assure the readers that the US military is the least Incompetent sector of American society by a very large margin.

Being stupid and incompetent is a source of status as valued as winning a marathon and more valued than earning a PhD in America.

As this warped social cancer has grown to dominate American culture the population has become much more comfortable ridiculing intelligent people than stupid people. Is it any wonder Trump won the election?

To put it bluntly, incompetence has become a respected character trait within American culture, and this elevation of incompetence to revered status is what results in American designed airliners slaughtering their passengers and crew, or allows the American president to shrug off crimes against humanity with “Aw, shucks, we done screwed up and tortured some folks. We’re incompetent, what can we say?”

This cultural cancer is terminal. It cannot be fixed because it permeates society at all levels. In fact this reverence for incompetence is even more entrenched among those with university educations in America as American college campuses are where identity politics indoctrination is most extreme. The very institutions that should be promoting skeptical inquiry, the society’s immune system against credulity and stupidity in other words, are themselves vectors of the disease. Furthermore, America’s entire corporate mass media feeds the American public an alternate reality in which this identity politics disease is actually normal and healthy. Americans cannot break out of this on their own because earning status from being human refuse is so much easier and rewarding than actually being a worthy and worthwhile human being.

That’s pretty cynical, but the rest of the world needs to come to grips with that reality if humanity is to survive America’s cultural cancer and mass delusion.

Posted by: William Gruff

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