The Empire’s Necrophagous Amorality

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annamaria says:

It is interesting to read your revealing — and self-defeating ideas that expose inadvertently the problems with Israel-firsters in the US and the Jewish State at large.

When John Mearsheimer writes, “Only a misguided state would pass up an opportunity to be the hegemon in the system because it thought it already had sufficient power to survive,” he expresses a uniquely Jewish point of view that has been unfortunately adopted by the dying empire.

The empire is dying because of its necrophagous predilections. Instead of developing the local (national) resources and lifting the whole nation to a healthy prosperity, the US has been on a path of cannibalizing other nations, while using, in the most cynical and hypocritical way, the phraseology of “freedom and democracy.” The habit for cannibalization has eventually turned “inward” on the US populace.

Sorry for preaching, but it is the amorality and treasonous opportunism of the “business-minded” Deciders (having an overwhelming weakness for money and power) that made the US into an empire of incompetence (for example,

Sean writes: “John Mearsheimer was not coincidentally unique in predicting in 1994 that if a newly independent Ukraine was to gave up nuclear weapons it was going to be attacked by Russia.”

— Since when a non-violent response to a regime change next to the Russian borders has become an “attack?” Such interpretation fits perfect the Kagans’ clan mentally but the Kagans’ clan of ziocons is not known for intellectual prowess.

Don’t you remember Kosovo? Yea, Crimea is not Kosovo — at least, the Crimeans had a sequence of referenda that culminated in the final one (in 2014), provoked by the extraordinary actions by the joint forces of the CIA (Brennan) and State Department (Nuland-Kagan).

PS: Only a very poor understanding of the economic / political situation in Ukraine could explain a desire to see Ukrainian government armed with nuclear weapon.

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