Jewish ‘Biblical Hoax’

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Brabantian says:

There is a school of scholarship alleging that the Jewish ‘biblical hoax’ is of a far different nature

Key data here, is that there are no Jewish Hebrew (or Aramaic etc) texts, older than the Greek Septuagint of around the 3rd century BCE in Alexandria

Tho allegedly the Greek was a ‘translation’ of ‘lost’ Hebrew etc. texts … the more likely view, some say, is that the entire Hebrew bible is essentially a fraud, with later Hebrew in fact a translation of the Greek, which was a fraud created by Jews to increase their influence in the world

The argument is that the Hebrew Bible, the first 5 books the Torah especially, are a large-scale ancient Jewish hoax, Jews glamourising themselves by the claims of having defeated great ancient Egypt, considered the greatest civilisation to date in the Mediterranean world of that time

This bible scam idea is buttressed further by the fact that, from ancient Egypt which left huge voluminous records of just about everything … there are no records of Jewish slaves, the Exodus etc

And that despite huge amounts of digging by Israeli archaeologists, there is little archeological evidence in Palestine of the great ancient Israel of the Bible

There is further evidence that Jewish ‘history’, is a puffed-up glamourised version of tales by what were in origin a group of Arabian tribal bandits, centred in the region somewhat near Yemen

In Renaissance times Jews sold the ‘ancient Hebrew texts’ story to both the Vatican and to young Christian thinkers such as Martin Luther, who began to re-judaise Christianity based on what they believed were ‘ancient texts of the word of God’

More on the above ideas can be found in the work of Russell Gmirkin, and Alexandria’s Dr Ashraf Ezzat.

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