The US War on China

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Asian Guy Perspective

It’s been clear all along

1.) The strain in Wuhan atttacked ‘Han Chinese’

2.) The strain in Iran attacks Persians

3.) The strain unleashed in the chinese factory’s in North & Central Italy attacks everybody. It’s a Chinese strain designed to jump over to Italian population, and wipe out Europe.

In Wuhan only one strain was found: the “Han Strain”

In USA they have found over five different strains

In Iran they have found only one strain.

The fact that all five or more strains were found in USA, tells the virologists the origination of the virus was in USA, this is why CDC has demanded control from day one, so they could control the narrative. This is why there are no test-kits in the USA, so they could control infection database.

What happened, and really pissed off WHO, is that say in Thailand the first infection was sequenced for DNA-RNA, and it was found to be HIV inserted, thus the doctors in Thailand put the sick on HIV retaviral drugs and everybody’s symptoms went away in 2-3 days.

USA from day one demanded to come to China, and all of Asia and manage the analysis, but Asia refused; Same in South-Korea, and Japan they analyzed their own infections and determined the DNA sequence.

So the USA lost control of the narrative,

But too late, because the virus was started in USA in Sep-2019, unleashed in Iran/China/Italy in Oct-Dec and went parabolic late december. The reason they killed Soleimani in early January in Iran was to get everybody out in the streets hugging, & crying. It worked Iran has the most infections.

Russia knew all along what was going on, they locked their country down early.

Today China has things under control, everything is pretty much back to normal, the trucks are running again.

All most all of Asia has been locked down now 2+ months, all customs borders watch Chinese/Koreans/Japanese very closely, and demand they self-quarantine on arrival.

The narrative in USA is nothing more than continuous lies, most of the alt-press and the MSM continue to push CDC-WHO talking-points and “Chinese Tourist Narratives”

We will never have “Proof” or “Evidence”, for one simple reason: where is the proof of the Indian Small Pox Blanket, or the Spanish-Flu being created by US-Mil in 1910’s, where is the proof of HIV being developed and unleashed by Ft-Detrick? We have all the documents, but physical proof or evidence doesn’t exist. It will never be. People who demand ‘evidence’ are just tossing a strawman into the debate.

All that can be done is ask the obvious: Cui-Bono?

1.) Wuhan, the Chicago of China, the INTL hub is/was destroyed, but now is back online.

2.) Iran, the source of China’s Oil, has been effectively nuked by a bomb that only kills people, but leaves all the infrastructure.

3.) Italy, the source of all Euro’s of China — where the richest men in Europe own the factories of North & Central Italy, the most famous brands on earth, sold at the most expensive shops on Earth “Made in Italy” — came to fruition some 30+ years ago on the backs of Chinese peasant labor brought to Italy. Today there are 100’s of 1,000’s of such Chinese working in the Italian factories. This was the initial target, these factory workers were infected in Dec-Jan, and then it jumped to Italians in Feb-2020.

4.) In the Fall of 2019, the US state department tried to destroy Hong-Kong, the gateway to China’s banking system.

Given all three targets were Chinese, it’s obvious the target was to destroy the elite of China, so that a new goverment can be put in place, most likely by US interests.

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