Tamaida Shimera on coronavirus — A preamble to our current coronavirus was the West African Ebola epidemic in 2014

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The Ebola Virus hit West Africa with a peak in the autumn of 2014. A Liberian doctor named Gorbee Logan tried as a last resort the HIV- medicine Lamivudine that is a reverse transcriptase inhibitor since no therapy used until then had showed any effect.

Doctor Gorbee Logan
To his pleasant surprise, it worked on 13 of a total of 13 patients that were treatable and not moribund when they presented themselves. But the Ebola virus should not have been defeated by a drug that blocks an enzyme that it should not have according to for instance Wikipedia.

There it is classified as a RNA-virus and not a retrovirus. Such a change of a virus metabolism cannot happen spontaneously. It has been made in the laboratory by splicing the genes that provides for replication in the HIV-virus into the Ebola-virus.

A technique has been developed to transfer retrovirus functionality to a RNA-virus (Ebola virus in the year 2014 West Africa case). A retrovirus has the ability to copy its genetic material into the host cell DNA as a blueprint (sequence of nucleotide bases). When the retrovirus exists only as a blueprint, the body’s immune-system will not detect it or get rid of it. Later the physical virus will reappear from the hosts DNA (it is transcribed with a human enzyme).
This is how the infection starts all over again in the human who once was infected with the retrovirus. The HIV virus (and hepatitis B) is the only retrovirus that affects humans. So if you plan to make killer/exterminationalist virus then genes coding for retroviral functionality are the genes to include in your designer virus.
There is strongî evidence that this transfer rerovirus functionality also has been performed on the COVID-19 virus.
Please see the Tamaida Shimera blog: google “Tamaida Shimera” for the evidence.
The only effective treatment for a retrovirus is Lamivudine and other reverse transcriptase inhibitors (RTIs). It is the medication used against HIV-virus. It has cured covid-19 infections on Wuhan doctors who have self- medicated. The degree of disinformation on other web sites is staggering. When they speculate whether HIV-medication could have an effect, they invariable say «NO» and list HIV medication that is only helper-therapy (proteases), which quite correctly will not work, and do not list RTIs.

The only HIV medication that will work is Lamivudine or other RTI because it prevents the virus from inserting a blueprint of itself in the DNA. RTIs, of whitch Lamivudine is the most common, is the only medication choice in order to prevent that COVID-19 virus will exist in the human gene-pool ready to be reactivated. The people who try to pull wool over your eyes already are equipped with a reverse transcriptase inhibitor (RTI) and use it prophylactically and will not be infected.

Who wants you dead? It is the same type of people belonging to the same institutions that president Woodrow Wilson described over 100 years ago in this way:

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

There is a cure reverse transcriptase inhibitor (RTI) !

Please see the Tamaida Shimera blog: google “Tamaida Shimera” 

A little background information

The first retrovirus was found in sheep in Iceland. The virus, Visna-virus produced a disease called Visna and it caused the Sheep to waste/wizen and die typically after a couple of years. An Icelandic doctor, Bjoern Sigurdsson, who got funding from the Rockefeller foundation, isolated the virus. After Dr. Sigurdsson died at the young age of 46, American scientists continued the further research on retroviruses in American laboratories. The HIV virus is essentially a Visna-virus modified to infect humans. See link https://telegra.ph/Tamaida-Shimeras-blog-on-Coronavirus-Retrovirus-What-is-it-03-10

This is compressed version of the information. Please see the links below especially https://telegra.ph/Tamaida-Shimeras-blog-on-corona-virus-COVID-19-03-02 for more comprehensive information/documentation

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