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Shared by Jack Barry, H/T Marco Maddalena

April 17, 2020
Author unknown.

By now, the world already knows the US is desperately seeking to cover up its biological attacks against China, Iran, and Italy.
I will summarize the main points underlying this case. First, what motivates US aggression against these three states? Enter, the Wolfowitz doctrine, namely the US’ official but unstated foreign policy to crush all potential rivals in order to uphold US economic and military tyranny on earth.
America’s political and military mission in the post-cold-war era will be to ensure that no rival superpower is allowed to emerge.
Refer to the “Project for a new American century” which was written about 1 Year before 911 and the destruction of the twin towers in New York which led to the US military invasion of the Middle East.
US phase 1 trade Aggression begins.
1. US starts trade War (economic war) against China
2. US pulls out of the JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran and places crippling sanctions on Iran and its people in an effort to topple Iran’s government
3. US threatens European vassals to avoid China’s OBOR/BRI Eurasian integration project
4. US tries to crush Huawei, through unscrupulous lawfare, sanctions, and a global smear campaign.
5. US sponsors large scale violence and terrorism in Hong Kong.
1. China defies the US regime’s one sided trade dictates.
2. Iran plans to restart nuclear program
3. Italy joins China’s OBOR/BRI project
4. Huawei defies US sabotage and purges many US components from its products.
US increases its aggression, and the depravity of its tactics used.
1. During this trade war, China suffers from a series of scorched earth tactics – African Swine Flu from a US empire bioweapons lab in Georgia. Pig farms across China are sprayed with advanced aerial drones in a highly coordinated attack that would require extremely high technological and biowarfare expertise. 50% of pigs are infected and culled. China needs to buy US pork.
Next, Avian flu is weaponized against chicken farms. A third of chickens in China are infected and culled. China needs to buy US poultry.
Next, army worms appear in 14 unrelated provinces, devastating grains/crops. China needs to buy US grains.
Next, the coronavirus bioweapon is unleashed upon Chinese civilians in Wuhan. A clear crime against humanity and an unmitigated act of war
This attack was timed right at the start of Chinese New Year in the strategically located BRI city of Wuhan, a central transportation hub that was intended to spread the virus to hundreds of millions of innocent Chinese planning on going home for the New Year.
This WMD attack was combined with a highly synchronized global media onslaught that, without evidence, blamed the coronavirus on China “eating bats”, as well as Wuhan civilian biological forensic lab that was misrepresented as being a “bioweapons” lab, etc. In other words, this entire campaign was highly coordinated and completely unnatural.
The goal from the start was to blame China and destroy China’s reputation as well as move supply chains out of China .
Wilbur Ross was on record saying the coronavirus is a “good opportunity to bring back jobs”.
Trump is on record saying that the coronavirus in Wuhan will be good for the USA.
2. US assassinates top Iranian General Qasem Solemani. The US attacks Iran with a different strain of the coronavirus that is also highly lethal.
3. The US attacks Italy with a different strain of the coronavirus that is also highly lethal.
4. US pressures TSMC to stop making chips for Huawei.
Highly suspicious events
1. National Security Advisor and infamous war criminal, John Bolton, axed the Epidemics Response Team in 2018.
2. In 2019, there was an enormous increase in “influenza” related deaths in the US that would appear to be a result of a domestic testing regime of biological agents to be deployed against China. Upon further scrutiny, the deaths appear to have actually been caused by the coronavirus, lending credence to the conclusions of both Japanese and Taiwanese researchers that the coronavirus began in the US.
3. In the summer of 2019, months before the coronavirus attack against China, the fort Detrick bioweapons lab was shut down due to numerous leaks and security breaches.
This matches up with point 1 here.
Specifically, the Epidemics Response team that was axed by Bolton was to remove oversight of the weapons lab where work had begun to launch biowarfare attacks against China, and likely suffered numerous “lapses in security”.
4. The Trump regime has now censored and classified all CDC data related to the coronavirus. His reason? “Our discussions involve CHINA” [i.e. biowarfare]
This again is likely more to do with hiding their crimes against humanity from public scrutiny.
There are only two logical possibilities.
1. The coronavirus weapon escaped a US bioweapons lab and spread across the US. Knowing containment was impossible, they sent infected soldiers to the Wuhan military games to spread the infection there and then used its media to blame China for the coronavirus. This would explain the totalitarian control they have placed on all coronavirus related data and information within the country.
2. The coronavirus weapon was used by the US as part of its ongoing war against China.
This is the most probable reason since all the preceding attacks “coincidentally” gave the US enormous leverage in trade negotiations, where none existed before.

‘We have to understand that the key to resolving the catastrophe of Ukraine is to be found in Washington. That’s where Nazism has to be defeated…’
– Sergei Glazyev, advisor to Russian president Vladimir Putin, speech of 10th June 2014.

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