Where did the Flu Season Suddenly Disappear?

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When a COVID-19 patient dies or a run-o-mill flu patient dies, they die from one of the following conditions:
1. Acute lung injury (ALI)
2. Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
3. Multi-organ System Failure
4. Sepsis (secondary to bacterial pneumonia super-imposed on the flu’s atypical pneumonia)

All 4 conditions are absolute disasters and all require the public’s definition of heroic, bankruptcy inducing measures.

Throw in DIC, disseminated intravascular coagulation and intubated on a respirator, and the mortality is 20% to 60 percent.

So, until the numerator is known and the astronomically high denominator has been determined and reliable antigen or antibody testing is available then these math whizzes can keep on guessing all to their precious heart’s desire.

As the story of COVID 19 unfolds and demands every ounce of our attention another unique health event, anomalous and perhaps connected goes ignored. An event unprecedented in at least the last 20 years since these things have been detailed by the CDC, coinciding with the C19 event, the CDC quietly informed any who were paying attention that the common flu – both scourge and money-maker – has been disappeared from the United States.

As the trend towards the usual gradual tapering began all of a sudden by Week 12 (March 21st) the ‘flu positive’ numbers dropped off a cliff. When one looks at the numbers from Week 10, 21.5%, to Week 12, 6.9%, we see an incredible drop off of 14.6% occurred. By Week 14 the ‘flu positives’ dropped to nearly non-existent – 0.8%. A quick glance to Week 9, 24.3%, and then down to Week 14’s all time record low of 0.8% shows a drop off of 23.5%.

It’s important to note that while the 22,324 tests done in Week 14 represent a significant drop in tests done compared to earlier weeks in 2020 those numbers still represented the 2nd highest overall Week 14 test numbers done in the history of the CDC. Yet only 0.8% ‘flu positives’ this season when the average for the preceding 7 years was 12.5% for Week 14. Even given the circumstances this is a statistical anomaly that begs many questions.

Questions that demand answers:

How did such a terrible flu season suddenly disappear?

In what column have those ‘flu positives’ been placed?

What happened to all the other seasonal virii that afflict humans this time of the year?

Where did they all go?

After a 20 year run the CDC has stated that Flu View, it’s flagship offering, will no longer be offering such meticulous reports as they shift their focus to Covid. It would seem that the CDC has decided after all these years the flu has finally run its course


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