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April 17, 2020
Author unknown.

By now, the world already knows the US is desperately seeking to cover up its biological attacks against China, Iran, and Italy.
I will summarize the main points underlying this case. First, what motivates US aggression against these three states? Enter, the Wolfowitz doctrine, namely the US’ official but unstated foreign policy to crush all potential rivals in order to uphold US economic and military tyranny on earth.
America’s political and military mission in the post-cold-war era will be to ensure that no rival superpower is allowed to emerge.
Refer to the “Project for a new American century” which was written about 1 Year before 911 and the destruction of the twin towers in New York which led to the US military invasion of the Middle East.
US phase 1 trade Aggression begins.
1. US starts trade War (economic war) against China
2. US pulls out of the JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran and places crippling sanctions on Iran and its people in an effort to topple Iran’s government
3. US threatens European vassals to avoid China’s OBOR/BRI Eurasian integration project
4. US tries to crush Huawei, through unscrupulous lawfare, sanctions, and a global smear campaign.
5. US sponsors large scale violence and terrorism in Hong Kong.
1. China defies the US regime’s one sided trade dictates.
2. Iran plans to restart nuclear program
3. Italy joins China’s OBOR/BRI project
4. Huawei defies US sabotage and purges many US components from its products.
US increases its aggression, and the depravity of its tactics used.
1. During this trade war, China suffers from a series of scorched earth tactics – African Swine Flu from a US empire bioweapons lab in Georgia. Pig farms across China are sprayed with advanced aerial drones in a highly coordinated attack that would require extremely high technological and biowarfare expertise. 50% of pigs are infected and culled. China needs to buy US pork.
Next, Avian flu is weaponized against chicken farms. A third of chickens in China are infected and culled. China needs to buy US poultry.
Next, army worms appear in 14 unrelated provinces, devastating grains/crops. China needs to buy US grains.
Next, the coronavirus bioweapon is unleashed upon Chinese civilians in Wuhan. A clear crime against humanity and an unmitigated act of war
This attack was timed right at the start of Chinese New Year in the strategically located BRI city of Wuhan, a central transportation hub that was intended to spread the virus to hundreds of millions of innocent Chinese planning on going home for the New Year.
This WMD attack was combined with a highly synchronized global media onslaught that, without evidence, blamed the coronavirus on China “eating bats”, as well as Wuhan civilian biological forensic lab that was misrepresented as being a “bioweapons” lab, etc. In other words, this entire campaign was highly coordinated and completely unnatural.
The goal from the start was to blame China and destroy China’s reputation as well as move supply chains out of China .
Wilbur Ross was on record saying the coronavirus is a “good opportunity to bring back jobs”.
Trump is on record saying that the coronavirus in Wuhan will be good for the USA.
2. US assassinates top Iranian General Qasem Solemani. The US attacks Iran with a different strain of the coronavirus that is also highly lethal.
3. The US attacks Italy with a different strain of the coronavirus that is also highly lethal.
4. US pressures TSMC to stop making chips for Huawei.
Highly suspicious events
1. National Security Advisor and infamous war criminal, John Bolton, axed the Epidemics Response Team in 2018.
2. In 2019, there was an enormous increase in “influenza” related deaths in the US that would appear to be a result of a domestic testing regime of biological agents to be deployed against China. Upon further scrutiny, the deaths appear to have actually been caused by the coronavirus, lending credence to the conclusions of both Japanese and Taiwanese researchers that the coronavirus began in the US.
3. In the summer of 2019, months before the coronavirus attack against China, the fort Detrick bioweapons lab was shut down due to numerous leaks and security breaches.
This matches up with point 1 here.
Specifically, the Epidemics Response team that was axed by Bolton was to remove oversight of the weapons lab where work had begun to launch biowarfare attacks against China, and likely suffered numerous “lapses in security”.
4. The Trump regime has now censored and classified all CDC data related to the coronavirus. His reason? “Our discussions involve CHINA” [i.e. biowarfare]
This again is likely more to do with hiding their crimes against humanity from public scrutiny.
There are only two logical possibilities.
1. The coronavirus weapon escaped a US bioweapons lab and spread across the US. Knowing containment was impossible, they sent infected soldiers to the Wuhan military games to spread the infection there and then used its media to blame China for the coronavirus. This would explain the totalitarian control they have placed on all coronavirus related data and information within the country.
2. The coronavirus weapon was used by the US as part of its ongoing war against China.
This is the most probable reason since all the preceding attacks “coincidentally” gave the US enormous leverage in trade negotiations, where none existed before.

‘We have to understand that the key to resolving the catastrophe of Ukraine is to be found in Washington. That’s where Nazism has to be defeated…’
– Sergei Glazyev, advisor to Russian president Vladimir Putin, speech of 10th June 2014.

Human Sacrifice among the Catholic Clergy II

Jack Heart


My mother-in-law was a Witch, a real Witch. She never got over the fact that I had my children baptized. The Magick of the Catholic Church is strong medicine. The recipient of Baptism, Communion and Confirmation has delivered their soul to the Christian god and the Christian god is not who the church says he is. Once in a while, as in the incidents covered here, you can catch a fleeting glimpse of just who and what he is but always the darkness of a thousand years envelopes him, and in retrospect it doesn’t seem real…

I hadn’t met him again since that night at the party but I knew he was there, very close, when I wrote Footprints of Evil, an essay about all the people who go missing in National Parks. Jim Dean, the Editor of Veterans Today, and his wife Erica wrote the introduction. The piece went viral and I was quickly contacted by David Paulides who did the initial research and wrote a book about it titled Missing 411.

Paulides wasn’t happy, likely that I write better than him, but perhaps because many who I’ve written about have ended up dead. I was also contacted by Allyn Atadero the father of Jaryd Atadero, one of the children in the essay who turned up missing under very strange circumstances indeed.

Jaryd had been out hiking in Colorado with the Christian sect he and his father belonged too. His father hadn’t been there and he had simply disappeared into thin air, according to the group. His skull and his clothes were recovered years later. Allyn seemed to think I knew what happened to his son and begged me to tell him. I couldn’t.

A generation earlier a kid named Bobby Bizup, in circumstances just as bizarre, had disappeared on a trail in Camp Saint-Malo, a Roman Catholic boys retreat about twenty miles away from where Allyn had disappeared. Over thirty years later, Pope John Paul II would inexplicably be helicoptered into St. Malo two days before his landmark 1993 Sunday mass in Denver celebrating World Youth Day. The pope spent two hours alone on the trail that Bobby Bizup disappeared on…


Human Sacrifice among the Catholic Clergy II (the Khazar-Nazi Antichrist III) By Jack Heart &Orage

Black Saturday, the day before Easter 1980; Sister Margaret Ann Pahl was found dead “in the chapel sacristy at Mercy Hospital in Toledo, Ohio. She had been confronted by her killer as she prepared for that day’s services. Pahl was choked to death’s door, jabbed mercilessly with a letter opener, and then sexually violated. She was found with an altar cloth shrouding her torso.” (45)

By the accounts of her clerical colleagues an insufferable shrew, the good sister had made it to seventy-one years old before she found her way onto the wrong Jesuits’ sacrificial alter. “Among 31 stab wounds, nine punctures over her heart formed the outline of an inverted Crucifix, a demonic symbol. She had been stripped below the waist and defiled with a cross.” (46)

Everyone knew the Jesuit Chaplin Gerald Robinson did it. He had always despised her and was seen by multiple witnesses in the vicinity of the chapel at the time of the murders. When questioned about it by the police, he had made wildly conflicting statements. But no worries for Robinson, the Jesuits or the Church, the fix was in.

Dean Mandros chief of the criminal division in the Lucas County prosecutor’s office later made statements about how Deputy Police Chief Ray Vetter, a devout Roman Catholic, to the horror of own his own detectives had simply released Robinson to another monsignor. Even then it was suspected other Catholic clergy had been involved. Mandros also said Vetter had asked detectives to give him their reports on the case. Some of those reports were never seen again.

The case would go cold and remain unsolved until the satanic panic of the new millennium. In 2003, Toledo police received a letter from a woman alleging that she had been ritually abused as a child in satanic ceremonies involving human sacrifice held by nuns and priests. She named names and prominent among them was Father Gerald Robinson. Unable to prove anything, the letter went to some dogged detectives in the cold case files.

They reopened the investigation into Sister Margaret Ann Pahl’s murder, and low and behold, stashed in the evidence lock up was the unmistakable murder weapon, a miniature sword letter opener found in the possession of Robinson back in 1980. They dug up the dead nun and found Robinson’s uniquely styled letter opener fit her wounds like a key in a lock. The surviving witnesses who had seen him lurking around the chapel at the time of the murder were located and testified. He was convicted in 2006, sparking a flurry of appeals that ended fittingly on the fourth of July in 2014 when he died of a heart attack… (47)

Every day we are bombarded by lurid tales of kids, almost invariably the product of the bible belt, who decide they are Satanists because mommy and daddy abused them. They buy themselves a copy of carnival barker Anton LaVey’s book; Satanic Rituals and carve mommy’s cat up in the basement while muttering some mumbo jumbo LaVey pilfered from an Aleister Crowley book. Sooner or later they progress to carving up the neighbors, and the next thing you know they’re another episode on the Investigative Discovery TV channel.

Just like the carnival barker and Sister Margaret Ann Pahl, these lost souls have little to no idea what the Master really thinks. Aleister Crowley freely admits those that search the darkness for black magic will find what they are looking for, but he likened it to “looking for an escape of gas with a lighted candle.” Crowley was indignant about being labeled a black magician, saying: “No more foolish statement was ever made about me. I despise the thing to such an extent that I can hardly believe in the existence of people so debased and idiotic as to practice it. (48)

According to Crowley, practicing black magic gets results, but they are almost always bound to be of limited duration and will eventually backfire on the practitioner with one very big exception: “The “Black Mass” is a totally different matter. I could not celebrate it if I wanted to, for I am not a consecrated priest of the Christian Church.

The celebrant must be a priest, for the whole idea of the practice is to profane the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Therefore you must believe in the truth of the cult and the efficacy of its ritual. A renegade priest gathers about him a congregation of sensation-hunters and religious fanatics; then only can the ceremonies of profanation be of extended black magical effect…” (49)

By the seventeenth century France under Louis XIV, the Sun King, with a huge and treacherous assist from Rome in the form of Cardinal Richelieu and his protégé Cardinal Mazarin, had rested control of Europe from Spain. The Conquistadors, always willfully autonomous of the Spanish monarchies but never Roman Catholicism, contented themselves with the pope’s blessing to cravenly loot the New World. Their heirs were no longer concerned with the old one.

Louie reigned for seventy two years and a hundred and ten days, still the record for any European monarch. During Louie’s reign, Mazarin became the richest man in the world and, when he died early and tried to leave it all to Louie, Louie didn’t want it. He had his own…

These men measured their wealth in tons of gold and silver. They were worth more than most countries are today. Louie achieved this kind of wealth for he and his friends by taxing everyone and everything that he could for as much as he could. This paid for both the lavish lives of the French court and the endless warfare which Louie reveled in. Louie would tell his diplomats their only real job was to attain tactical advantages for the French Military…

After Mazarin died, Louie came under the spell of Madame de Montespan who became his mistress for over ten years but, as everybody knew including the queen whom she ran roughshod over, was the real queen of France. Her affair with Louie resulted in seven children and gave rise to an official position in court that lasted for a hundred years, called maîtresse-en-titre or chief mistress of the king of France.

L’affaire des poisons or The Affair of the Poisons would finally bring Montespan down. L’affaire des poisons really began with the arrest of the Marquise de Brinvilliers for poisoning her father and her two brothers for the inheritance. It was rumored that she kept in practice by visiting hospitals and poisoning poor people. She was in turn tortured, beheaded and her headless body, of course, burned at the stake. Louie suddenly realized many in his court had died for no apparent reason and began to fear for his own life.

Two years later in 1677 Magdelaine de La Grange, a French fortune teller whose first husband had been executed as a rogue, was arrested for poisoning her second husband, a rich lawyer. She was in turn connected to Louis de Vanens, a notorious French alchemist reputed to be able to transmute gold, and suspected by the Paris police of being the leader of an international organization of assassins and part of a network of poisoners in Paris. Louie tasked Gabriel Nicolas de la Reynie the man responsible for turning Louie’s Paris police force into the prototype of today’s modern police force. Reynie, just as dogged as any fictional detective, would get to the bottom of it.

L’affaire des poisons would implicate four hundred and forty two people. Two hundred and eighteen of them were arrested. Thirty-six were executed, five sentenced to the galleys and twenty-three to exile. Others whose deaths went unrecorded were simply tortured to death or suicided, and still others imprisoned for life with no trial under special orders from the king called Lettres de cachet, which cannot be appealed.

So many in Louie’s court were implicated that Louie was forced to abolish his own official investigation in 1682 because of the scandal, leaving many unpunished for the blackest of deeds and causing Reynie to remark that “the enormity of their crimes proved their safeguard.”

Among the implicated were Olympia Mancini, Countess of Soissons, the second-eldest of the five celebrated Mancini sisters, who along with two of their female Martinozzi cousins were the Belles of Louie’s court. The seven beauties were known as the Mazarinettes because they were the nieces and heirs of Cardinal Mazarin. Her sister Marie Anne Mancini, duchesse de Bouillon, was also implicated. It turns out their father back in Italy, Mazarin’s brother-in-law; Baron Lorenzo Mancini, was a well-known sorcerer and necromancer.

The royal courts of Europe, particularly France and Italy were crawling with fortune tellers and alchemists selling not only the usual divinations, seances, aphrodisiacs and love potions but also ‘inheritance powders,’ a euphemism for poison. One of the most sought after in Paris, Marie Bosse became so drunk at a party one night she started openly boasting about how much money she was making off the aristocracy selling them inheritance powders. Word got back to Reynie who, maybe in history’s very first undercover sting operation, had the wife of one of his constables purchase some poison from her.

The poison was authenticated and Bosse was arrested in the first days of January 1679. She would burn at the stake a few months later, along with her children and many of her acquaintances, but before she did, she gave them the real kingpin Catherine Monvoisin. Known as “La Voisin” Monvoisin had been casting spells on Louie since 1666, when she was first retained by Madame de Montespan to do just that. It’s said that Louie practically swooned the first time he danced with Montespan a year later in 1667, hopelessly in love from that moment on.

La Voisin was no street corner fortune teller. She made prodigious use of the Black Mass, and it’s said that the sacrificial remains of twenty-five hundred children were later dug up in her backyard. Abbé Étienne Guibourg, an ordained Roman Catholic Priest, said most of the masses for her, and Montespan would frequently act as the naked human altar upon which the children were sacrificed.

Montague Summers, undercover Roman Catholic priest and known pedophile, who translated Malleus Maleficarum from Latin to English in 1928 gives a graphic account of Guibourg’s celebration of the Black Mass:

“A long black velvet pall was spread over the altar, and upon this the royal mistress laid herself in a state of perfect nudity. Six black candles were lit, the celebrant robed himself in a chasuble embroidered with esoteric characters wrought in silver, the gold paten and chalice were placed upon the naked belly of the living altar […] All was silent save for the low monotonous murmur of the blasphemous liturgy […] An assistant crept forward bearing an infant in her arms. The child was held over the altar, a sharp gash across the neck, a stifled cry, and warm drops fell into the chalice and streamed upon the white figure beneath. The corpse was handed to la Voisin, who flung it callously into an oven fashioned for that purpose which glowed white-hot in its fierceness.” (50

Guibourg was not working alone, and indeed it appears the Catholic clergy was not only making a killing on the side with the abducted children of the poor but also on the decadent French court, who wanted what they wanted now and had no qualms about enlisting Satan’s help to get it. La Voisin is estimated to have murdered thousands and was herself in turn executed in 1680.

Guibourg would die in prison, and another Catholic priest abbé Mariotte would be exiled. Most of the clergy along with all the aristocracy, from the Mancini sisters to Montespan herself would pretty much get off with a slap on the wrist and an unflattering notation in their biography. The commoners? Most of them were tortured to death off the record, like the friend of Marie Bosse who threw the party that she blabbed at. The ones that weren’t were burned at the stake…

It was the Marquise de Brinvilliers who introduced the poison Aqua Tofana to Parisians that made the aristocracy’s fetish for killing each other the latest Paris fad. It is a slow acting and deadly poison that duplicates symptoms of the stomach virus. Administered in four separate doses, it was guaranteed to kill undetectably. She learned how to make it from her husband, who in turn learned how to make it from an Italian chemist called Exili. He is said to have been the salaried poisoner in Rome of Olympia Maidalchina, the sister-in-law of the pope…

Since the days of the Borgias in the fifteenth century when pope Alexander VI unleashed his daughter Lucrezia Borgia on unsuspecting renaissance Italy, poison has always been a traditional tool of the papacy. The Borgias, despite what revisionist historians think they know, were a family of human devils that left such a lasting impression on Europe that they are still a subject of pop culture today. Alexander VI was so evil that during his reign Venetian diplomat Girolamo Priuli told anyone who would listen that surely he had “given his soul and body to the great demon in Hell”. (51)

It is probably no accident that the papacy of Alexander VI began a week after Columbus set sail for the New World…


45 – DAVID J. KRAJICEK. (2012, September 23). Justice Story: Killer priest murders nun in chapel sacristy, leaves demonic stab pattern over her heart. nydailynews.com. https://www.nydailynews.com/news/justice-story/justice-story-killer-priest-murders-nun-chapel-sacristy-leaves-demonic-stab-pattern-heart-article-1.1162927

46 – Ibid.

47 – Sin, Shame, And Secrets: The Murder of a Nun, the Conviction of a Priest, and Cover-up in the Catholic Church by David Yonke, published by Continuum, 2006, Print, 240pp.

48 – Black Magic is Not a Myth by Aleister Crowley “The Worst Man in the World” The London Sunday Dispatch, Jul 2nd, 1933 https://hermetic.com/crowley/articles/black-magic-is-not-a-myth#black-mass

49 – Ibid.

50 – Geography of Witchcraft by Montague Summers, print (1927; reprint Kessinger Publishing, 2003)

51 – Lee, Alexander. Were the Borgias really so bad? (n.d.). History Today | The world’s leading serious history magazine. https://www.historytoday.com/history-matters/were-borgias-really-so-bad

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Jack Heart


Jack Heart, pen name for George Esposito, is known for his extensive research and writings that provide high-quality information and authentic alternatives to mainstream narratives on a wide variety of subjects. His life experiences make for a highly intriguing perspective.

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German Study: Coronavirus Mortality Rate May Be Five Times Lower Than Reported

A German study in one of the hardest-hit regions of the country found an infection fatality rate five times lower than the national average, researchers said.
According to The National, an English-language newspaper in the United Arab Emirates, the Heinsberg Protocol study was conducted in Gangelt, a rural town where the Heisenberg region’s first fatalities from the virus occurred.
A team of virologists, led by Hendrik Streeck of University Hospital Bonn, discovered that 15 percent of the population in the town was infected, leading his researchers to a tentative conclusion that the death rate from the disease in the population they studied was only 0.37 percent.
Germany’s case fatality rate — which is a crude number that measures the number of deaths against all people diagnosed with a condition — was 2 percent as of Friday, according to Johns Hopkins University data.
According to Reason, the researchers also concluded that those who have had coronavirus and recover are immune to the disease, at least for a while.

Heinsberg Protokoll@hbergprotokoll

We are live and announce the first perceptions about our #COVIDー19 scientific investigation:@hendrikstreeck @ArminLaschet #heinsbergprotokoll #heinsberg #hsbestrong #coronadeutschland #COVID19de #CoronaVirusDe
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3:11 PM – Apr 9, 2020
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See Heinsberg Protokoll’s other Tweets

Streeck and his team warned that the findings, which were preliminary, couldn’t necessarily be extrapolated to the entirety of Germany — much less the rest of the world — but the study gave new hope that the mortality rate for coronavirus could be much lower than the range of estimates currently being postulated.
The study used antibody tests on those it examined. Researchers were “hoping to test 1,000 people in the town and to date 85 per cent of them have given their permission to be tested,” The National reported Wednesday.
An antibody test — a relatively new development in the fight against coronavirus — detects if an individual has natural antibodies created by the body to fight the virus in their blood. If detected, it obviously means the individual has already been infected.

Hendrik Streeck

Kurzer Blick hinter die Kulissen. Unser Team, das die Studie verantwortet und ermöglicht hat.

Prof. Dr. Martin Exner, Prof. Dr. Gunther Hartmann, Landrat Stephan Pusch, @ArminLaschet, @landnrw & @UniklinikBonn #hsbestrong #heinsbergprotokoll #coronavirus #Covid_19
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5:46 PM – Apr 9, 2020
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“What we did was a representative study within this area where we had a high prevalence of cases already,” Streeck told CNBC.
“It got hit pretty hard by COVID-19. The surprising part [of] what we found was there were 15 percent in that population that didn’t know that they had an infection … this case fatality rate is not actually different probably in other countries, but you can assume a pretty high rate of infections that are asymptomatic.”
The researchers said they were hopeful that lockdowns could soon be lifted provided people follow basic hygienic principles.
Even before the study, it’s worth noting, the low death rate in Germany was considered an anomaly among European nations.
The New York Times‘ Katrin Bennhold, for what it’s worth, said that the primary reasons for this were “early and widespread testing and treatment, plenty of intensive care beds and a trusted government whose social distancing guidelines are widely observed.” The scientists she talked to seemed to focus on testing.
“The reason why we in Germany have so few deaths at the moment compared to the number of infected can be largely explained by the fact that we are doing an extremely large number of lab diagnoses,” Dr. Christian Drosten, a member of the team that developed the first test, told The Times.
There’s also the fact that the average age for a coronavirus patient in Germany has been significantly lower than the country’s European neighbors — 49, compared to 62.5 for France and 62 for Italy, The Times reported April 4.
Many of the early patients were skiers who caught the virus at ski resorts in Austria and Italy.
The Heinsberg Protocol study wasn’t the only potentially game-changing research to come out of Deutschland this week. Another study, published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, found that the United States is only catching 1.6 percent of all coronavirus cases via testing.
Overall, the study suggested that on average, countries were only identifying 6 percent of all cases. If this number is accurate, this would mean there were 26 million cases in the United States already, according to Florida Today.
“These results mean that governments and policy-makers need to exercise extreme caution when interpreting case numbers for planning purposes,” study co-author Sebastian Vollmer, professor of development economics at the University of Göttingen, said in a statement.
Both of these studies point to a significantly lower death rate from coronavirus than initially expected. If we’re missing 98.4 percent of infections, that would also change the case fatality rate significantly.
So, do 0.37 percent of people who contract coronavirus die? The answer is that we simply don’t know.
What we do know is that a number of studies have shown that initial statistics — particularly the 3.4 percent figure suggested by the World Health Organization — are very much off. This is what happens when testing is accurate and deployed more widely.
The United States is behind, thanks to a faulty initial test from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as a ban on private labs deploying their own tests.
We’re catching up, but we’ll need widespread testing for both the disease and for antibodies before there’s a semblance of normalcy.
The death rate for coronavirus is still high; even if the tentative results from the Heinsberg Protocol study are close to accurate, that’s still four times more deadly than the seasonal flu.

However, it’s also not 3.4 percent — and that’s a huge difference from our early conclusions about the coronavirus.

Ancestral type of COVID-19 virus mainly found in the US: study

by Gao Lei and Liu Caiyu Source:Global Times Published: 2020/4/11

File Photo of COVID-19

Recent research conducted into the genetic network analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic, done jointly by British and German experts, testified the variant of novel coronavirus that is closest to that discovered in bats was actually found mainly among cases from the US, rather than in Wuhan, Central China’s Hubei Province.

To explain the pandemic origins, experts from the University of Cambridge and their peers from Germany analyzed 160 virus genomes that were extracted from human patients around the world and they found the coronavirus mutated into three distinct strains.

They found that most cases carried type A virus – the ancestral type of virus, which is bat coronavirus, with 96 percent sequence similarity to the human virus – were largely seen in patients from the US and Australia.

Once type A had been detected in Wuhan. The virus infected five individuals from Wuhan and four patients from South China’s Guangdong Province. But most cases from the Chinese mainland and East Asian regions do not carry type A virus but carried the type B virus, which is a variant of type A, the study found.

Instead, patients carrying the ancestral type of virus (type A) were largely seen coming from the US and Australia, such American patients had a residence history in Wuhan, the study found.

As for type C, it is a variant of type B, which is commonly seen in European countries such as France, Italy and Sweden and also evident in Singapore and South Korea as well as China’s Hong Kong and the island of Taiwan , the study found.

In reply to the question why the ancestral type of virus was not commonly seen in China and particularly in Wuhan, but instead the mutated type B virus, geneticist Peter Forster from the University of Cambridge, lead author of the study, told the Global Times that “type A isn’t fitting quite well with most locals’ immune systems in Wuhan” but has “become adapted to American and Australian immune systems.”

The prevalence of variant type B virus in Wuhan may also result from a “founder effect,” Forster said.

The study was published in the journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

To trace the pandemic origins, apart from the paper that was published on the PNAS, Forster told the Global Times that they also finished an analysis of 1,001 genomes, which is still unpublished.

Forster said he understands the topic of the viral origin is a “hot potato” after the political dispute between China and the US, but neither the PNAS paper nor the unpublished paper could offer a clear explanation for it.

But their study has evidence that the virus mutation rate is significantly faster outside China and the spread of the disease among humans likely occurred between September 13, 2019 to December 7, 2019.

Tamaida Shimera on coronavirus — A preamble to our current coronavirus was the West African Ebola epidemic in 2014

The Ebola Virus hit West Africa with a peak in the autumn of 2014. A Liberian doctor named Gorbee Logan tried as a last resort the HIV- medicine Lamivudine that is a reverse transcriptase inhibitor since no therapy used until then had showed any effect.

Doctor Gorbee Logan
To his pleasant surprise, it worked on 13 of a total of 13 patients that were treatable and not moribund when they presented themselves. But the Ebola virus should not have been defeated by a drug that blocks an enzyme that it should not have according to for instance Wikipedia.

There it is classified as a RNA-virus and not a retrovirus. Such a change of a virus metabolism cannot happen spontaneously. It has been made in the laboratory by splicing the genes that provides for replication in the HIV-virus into the Ebola-virus.

A technique has been developed to transfer retrovirus functionality to a RNA-virus (Ebola virus in the year 2014 West Africa case). A retrovirus has the ability to copy its genetic material into the host cell DNA as a blueprint (sequence of nucleotide bases). When the retrovirus exists only as a blueprint, the body’s immune-system will not detect it or get rid of it. Later the physical virus will reappear from the hosts DNA (it is transcribed with a human enzyme).
This is how the infection starts all over again in the human who once was infected with the retrovirus. The HIV virus (and hepatitis B) is the only retrovirus that affects humans. So if you plan to make killer/exterminationalist virus then genes coding for retroviral functionality are the genes to include in your designer virus.
There is strongî evidence that this transfer rerovirus functionality also has been performed on the COVID-19 virus.
Please see the Tamaida Shimera blog: google “Tamaida Shimera” for the evidence.
The only effective treatment for a retrovirus is Lamivudine and other reverse transcriptase inhibitors (RTIs). It is the medication used against HIV-virus. It has cured covid-19 infections on Wuhan doctors who have self- medicated. The degree of disinformation on other web sites is staggering. When they speculate whether HIV-medication could have an effect, they invariable say «NO» and list HIV medication that is only helper-therapy (proteases), which quite correctly will not work, and do not list RTIs.

The only HIV medication that will work is Lamivudine or other RTI because it prevents the virus from inserting a blueprint of itself in the DNA. RTIs, of whitch Lamivudine is the most common, is the only medication choice in order to prevent that COVID-19 virus will exist in the human gene-pool ready to be reactivated. The people who try to pull wool over your eyes already are equipped with a reverse transcriptase inhibitor (RTI) and use it prophylactically and will not be infected.

Who wants you dead? It is the same type of people belonging to the same institutions that president Woodrow Wilson described over 100 years ago in this way:

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

There is a cure reverse transcriptase inhibitor (RTI) !

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A little background information

The first retrovirus was found in sheep in Iceland. The virus, Visna-virus produced a disease called Visna and it caused the Sheep to waste/wizen and die typically after a couple of years. An Icelandic doctor, Bjoern Sigurdsson, who got funding from the Rockefeller foundation, isolated the virus. After Dr. Sigurdsson died at the young age of 46, American scientists continued the further research on retroviruses in American laboratories. The HIV virus is essentially a Visna-virus modified to infect humans. See link https://telegra.ph/Tamaida-Shimeras-blog-on-Coronavirus-Retrovirus-What-is-it-03-10

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Why Do Some Young, Healthy People Die From COVID-19?

By Drago Bosnic
In the worst cases of COVID-19, the virus not only attacks and destroys tissue in the lungs but also triggers an overreaction of the immune system, creating dangerous levels of inflammation. Many of these patients are left unable to breathe on their own, and some die in a hospital intensive care units, or at home.
For others with milder COVID-19 cases, a hospital stay might end without the need for artificial ventilation, and they go home after being treated for pneumonia. Many more are riding out this illness at home, in bed with fevers, striving to isolate themselves from the rest of their household. Still more people — perhaps between 25 and 50 percent of all infected — feel no COVID-19 symptoms at all.

This huge range of severity of COVID-19 cases is part of what makes it such a horrific health crisis. The mild or asymptomatic cases can spread the disease to the most vulnerable, who may suffer greatly and, in some cases, even die. Because COVID-19 is such a new disease, much still needs to be learned about it. Among the top questions:

“What leads one person with the virus to severe disease, and another to have no or few symptoms?”

There are a few clear risk factors, including age and underlying medical conditions. But among younger healthy people, the risk factors aren’t known.

“A lot of young patients without comorbidities are getting very sick, and we wish we knew who was going to deteriorate,” Dr. Rochelle Walensky, chief of infectious diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital and a professor of medicine at Harvard, told reporters last week. “We do know it happens precipitously. One day they’re okay, the next day they require intubation. [It’s] one of scariest parts of this disease.”

Potential risk factors need a lot more research: Are there some genetic variations that make one person more susceptible than another? And why are men dying in higher numbers than women? Here’s what we know so far about risks for the worst forms of COVID-19 — and what we ought to learn.

The “infection enigma”

While the most severe COVID-19 cases are concerning, it’s actually not unusual to have a big range. Doctors routinely see the same virus wreak havoc on one person and leave another unharmed.

“What we’re seeing here is the same for tuberculosis, malaria, all infectious disease of humankind,” says Dr. Jean-Laurent Casanova, a pediatrician who studies the genetics of disease severity. “Some people control the infectious agent very well, others die, and there’s everything in between. It’s what we call the infection enigma.”

What’s frustrating, he explains, is that the answer to the enigma may be different for each illness. The biological pathways that lead to severe disease for one virus might not be the same pathways that lead to severe disease with another virus. Each infection requires its own investigation.

Individual differences in immune response could lead one person to severe disease and another one to be fine. .Scientists already have some hypotheses to test, and some leads to follow, in answering the infection enigma of COVID-19. For one, it’s thought that some of the difference between mild COVID-19 and severe cases may have to do with how the person’s immune system reacts (or overreacts) to the virus.

After an infection sets in, the immune system rallies to create antibodies — proteins that hunt down and kill foreign invaders like viruses in our bodies.

In some cases, “those antibodies can also backfire,” Akiko Iwasaki, a Yale immunobiologist, says. Some antibodies bind to the virus, she explains, and instead of blocking the virus, they’re taken up by white blood cells. Those white blood cells then go haywire, producing molecules called cytokines. These are the chemicals that, among other things, promote inflammation throughout the body. “And that ultimately makes the disease as bad as it is,” she says.

It’s unclear why a “cytokine storm,” as this reaction is called, might impact one person severely and not occur at all in another. Thankfully, though, doctors do have some insights into how to treat this overreaction. It’s possible sex differences play a role too. In the United States, and around the world, it appears COVID-19 is killing more men than women. The reason isn’t completely understood.

Men could have more underlying health risk factors than women. They could also be engaging in more risky behaviors (perhaps greater rates of smoking and drinking alcohol among men are in play.) There’s also evidence women may have a stronger immune response than men (and are also more at risk for autoimmune diseases because of it), as the Washington Post explains. We just need more research here.

Scientists will soon start to search for genetic clues, too, that might signal a person is more at risk than another. In Casanova’s lab, he and his team look for single genetic changes that cause one person to get sicker with an infection than another.

Herpes, for example, is a common infection that many people don’t even know they have, but in rare cases, it can lead to encephalitis (swelling of the brain). Casanova and colleagues have found genetic mutations that make brain cells more prone to herpes infections, he says. So if you have these mutations, “the virus replicates in the brain,” he says. “Whereas if you don’t, your neurons your brain remains protected.”

This genetic detective work has already begun for COVID-19. Casanova’s lab has been collecting genetic data on the few people under the age of 50 without underlying conditions in the ICU to see if there are any genes that might explain the course their illness took in them.

He stresses that his approach is not guaranteed to find quick answers. “It may be three weeks, three months, three years, or 30 years, I don’t know,” he says.

Many things are not guaranteed here. It’s also possible that the genetics that underlie severe disease in an otherwise healthy person may not necessarily play the same role in one with an underlying condition like diabetes. The results of the genetic investigations may reveal more about the biology of the disease, rather than produce a reliable genetic counseling test for COVID-19.

Other groups of scientists will also search for polygenetic (many-gene) associations between genetic variation and disease severity. These studies will help scientists understand the biology of this illness better, and could potentially be used to figure out who is most at risk.

Perhaps the amount of virus a person is exposed to makes them sicker

Scientists also wonder if the circumstances of how a person was first infected play a role in how sick they get. Data from China reveals that health care workers are getting sicker from COVID-19 than you might expect based on their age.

It’s possible these workers are being exposed to high concentrations of the virus, which may lead a person to more severe illness. “The more virus you are exposed to, the more likely you are going to replicate higher levels of virus [in the body], and that’s not going to help you cope with such an infection,” Iwasaki explains. “And, of course, if you’re a health care worker, inhaling someone coughing in your face —that’s a very high level of exposure.”

This is one scientists still need to figure out. “We don’t really know at this time if dose, or dosing route has an effect” on severity, Angela Rasmussen, a Columbia University virologist, says. “I would imagine that it probably does.”

One thing is clear: Age is a risk factor for severe disease and death

Scientists may not yet understand the genetics, and exposure factors that lead someone to severe illness, but they’re not completely in the dark when it comes to risk factors. We know COVID-19 is an illness that disproportionately impacts some groups more than others. Namely, older people are most clearly at risk.

Last week, the journal Lancet Infectious Diseases published the latest estimates of the death rate of COVID-19. The paper found that globally, the case fatality rate for those under age 60 was 1.4 percent. For those over age 60, the fatality rate jumps to 4.5 percent. The older the population, the higher the fatality rate. For those 80 and over, COVID-19 appears to have a 13.4 percent fatality rate.

In the US, the CDC reports, “overall, 31% of cases, 45% of hospitalizations, 53% of ICU admissions, and 80% of deaths associated with COVID-19” are among adults older than 65. “With the highest percentage of severe outcomes among persons aged ≥85 years.” (To note: This CDC data is compiled from February 12 to March 16, when there were just 4,226 confirmed cases in the United States.)

Why are older people more at risk? There’s no one reason. It’s believed immune function declines with age, and older people have more of the underlying conditions that also appear to be risk factors for severe COVID-19. Young people also should not feel invulnerable. There have been disturbing reports of young, otherwise healthy people falling seriously ill with COVID-19 and dying.

In New York City — which currently has the largest outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States — there have been 12 deaths of people ages 19 to 44 who had no reported underlying medical conditions as of April 7, of 3,202 deaths total. And 11 percent of more than 19,000 hospitalizations were for those ages 18 to 44 as of April 5. So we should all do our part to protect ourselves from the virus, regardless of our age.

Underlying conditions like diabetes and heart disease appear to be risk factors

This is also showing up in US hospital data reported to the CDC: Many of the sickest patients also have underlying medical conditions. Seventy-eight percent of all people put into intensive care for COVID-19 in the US have had an underlying condition like diabetes or heart disease: 32 percent had diabetes, 29 percent had heart disease, 21 percent had chronic lung disease, and 9 percent had compromised immune systems.

We know that certain communities are disproportionately affected by these chronic conditions. In Chicago, 70 percent of those who have died from COVID-19 are black, even though black people make up only 29 percent of the city’s population.

“The majority of the black COVID-19 patients who died had underlying health conditions including respiratory problems and diabetes. Eighty-one percent of them had hypertension, or high blood pressure, diabetes or both,” WBEZ in Chicago reports.

It’s also possible that exposure to air pollutants can play a role. An epidemiology team from Harvard recently reported increased risk of dying from COVID-19 is also correlated with exposure to air pollution. Air pollution is known to harm the lungs and cardiovascular system, and a lifetime of exposure could make someone more vulnerable to damage from a respiratory virus.

The big picture here is that some demographics — who are more exposed to pollution, who suffer chronic diseases at higher rates, who have worse access to health care — may be more at risk from dying from COVID-19, and we should be mindful of this and seek to protect them.

There’s so much more to learn

Scientists need to better understand these risk factors, so we can best protect the most vulnerable people. Higher-risk groups, for example, could be the first people to be vaccinated if a vaccine is approved and becomes available. The frustrating thing is, right now, this virus is still new.

It only came to the attention of the World Health Organization at the end of December. “We’re still on the steep learning curve about the virus, and it could take a couple years to work out all these things,” Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, says.

Unfortunately, in not knowing who is most vulnerable to get severe COVID-19, we may have to assume anyone can be.

Deagel Makes Mysterious Changes To 2025 Population Forecast For America As Bill Gates Launches ‘Grand Challenge’: The ‘Holy Grail Of Influenza Research’ And ‘Bridging The Valley Of Death’

All News Pipeline – by Stefan Stanford

First published on May 2, 2018

While Microsoft founder and vaccine propagandist Bill Gates recently warned that the next deadly flu epidemic is just waiting around the corner and it could quickly lead to the deaths of more than 30 million people, we’re not the least bit surprised that he also claims a ‘universal flu shot’ is the answer to prevent such a deadly pandemic, this despite the fact that even medical experts claimed that this year’s flu shot was hardly a preventive and actually led to the spread of the flu.

With the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation teaming up with Google co-founder Larry Page to launch the ‘Grand Challenge’ of what they call the ‘holy grail of influenza research‘, an attempt to develop a ‘universal vaccine‘, Gates and Page are giving out individual grants of between $250,000 and $2 million over 2 years to those attempting to develop such a universal flu shot with human testing set to begin by 2021.

Calling upon computational biology, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other new technologies to be used as aids in the ongoing research, Gates and Page hope to ‘bridge the funding‘ of such projects due to what they call the “valley of death” between novel concepts and clinical trial-ready products.


And while like many globalists, Gates and Page sound ‘sincere’ in their goals to prevent the spread of an epidemic that could cull tens of millions of lives, we must always remember that Gates and the Gates Foundation are also proponents of eugenics with Gates himself coming out directly and stated the world is far too overpopulated as heard directly from him in the 2nd video below while his father, William H Gates Sr., was a former board member of ‘Planned Parenthood’.

Bill Gates has doubled down on his goal to depopulate the planet, using deceitful Orwellian doublespeak in a new video to bamboozle his naive followers into believing that “by making people healthier, we can reduce the world’s population”.

Make no mistake, when Gates talks about “making people healthier” what he is really talking about is enforcing the mandatory roll out of his range of experimental vaccinations. The same vaccines that have already caused mass sterilization and death on multiple continents.

The second-richest man on the planet is a committed globalist and eugenicist working towards the New World Order goal of depopulation. Lest anyone forget these facts, Bill Gates regularly goes out of his way to remind us of them.

Bill Gates and his foundation have consistently come under fire for their goal of depopulation, and now the same man who admitted in a TED talk that his goal is to eliminate a billion humans from the face of the Earth has now taken to Facebook to lecture us about why being eradicated is in our own interests.

And while the website Deagel.com has recently made some very mysterious changes to their 2025 forecast for America as we report in much more detail below, as we hear in the final video below from the Leak Project and read in this March story from The Sun, one medical health expert is warning of a mutant virus that sounds straight from a science fiction movie, potentiall becoming the fastest-spreading viral killer known to the human race and as he tels us, such a killer virus outbreak could happen tomorrow.

Dr Jonathan Quick, chair of the Global Health Council, said the flu virus is “the most diabolical, hardest-to-control, and fastest-spreading potential viral killer known to humankind”.

Describing what sounds like scenes from a horror film, Dr Quick warned in The Daily Mail of starvation, medicine supplies running low, energy systems crippling under the pressure and the collapse of the global economy.

And what’s could cause such devastation, on a global scale?

“The most likely culprit will be a new and unprecedentedly deadly mutation of the influenza virus. The conditions are right, it could happen tomorrow.”


And while the website Deagel.com is STILL forecasting a massive depopulation for America by 2025, on our visit to their website this morning we found a huge difference in their 2025 forecast from just weeks ago.

As we had reported on ANP back on December 31st of 2017, Deagel was previously forecasting the US population to drop to 54 million people by 2025, down from what was then 324 million people in 2016. Well as we see now in the screenshot above taken from their website page for the United States this morning, Deagel is now forecasting that the 2025 population of the USA will be a nice, round 100 million people – nearly doubling their previous 2025 forecast for America of 54 million.

Yet as it’s easy to see, even a 2025 forecast of 100 million people living here in less than 8 years is STILL DOWN 227 million from the 2017 population of America. How will America LOSE 227 million people by 2025?

We’d love to know why Deagel is forecasting the population of the US to drop from 327 million in 2017 to only 100 million in 2025, with them also forecasting a 2025 US military budget of 32 billion dollars, down from our 2017 military budget of $637 billion, while forecasting our population density to drop from 34 inhabitants per square mile to only 10 inhabitants per square mile in 2025. While our emails to Deagel have gone unreturned, what does Deagel know that we don’t know?

Also forecasting that our gross domestic product will drop from $19 trillion in 2017 to only $2.4 trillion in 2025, Deagel’s numbers for America in 2025 still show an America in total collapse, a 3rd world nation with our GDP per capita more than cut in half while our purchase power parity is forecast to be lower than Thailand, Columbia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Montenegro.


And before you go and discount Deagel’s numbers, its very important to know that their sources ARE the ‘deep state’ with the CIA, US Department of Defense, US Department of State and World Bank contributing data for their forecasts. So…. what does Deagel know what we don’t know? Their souces make clear that whatever Deagel knows, the ‘deep state’ knows, too!

While Deagel leaves no explanation on their website about why they’ve made these changes to the 2025 forecast population of America, as we’ve previously reported on ANP, they did put out an explanation back in October of 2014 about why they were forecasting such a huge drop for America, ‘a confluence of crisis’ with a devastating result‘. A brief excerpt from that 2014 explanation:

The key element to understand the process that the USA will enter in the upcoming decade is migration. In the past, specially in the 20th century, the key factor that allowed the USA to rise to its colossus status was immigration with the benefits of a demographic expansion supporting the credit expansion and the brain drain from the rest of the world benefiting the States.

The collapse of the Western financial system will wipe out the standard of living of its population while ending ponzi schemes such as the stock exchange and the pension funds. The population will be hit so badly by a full array of bubbles and ponzi schemes that the migration engine will start to work in reverse accelerating itself due to ripple effects thus leading to the demise of the States. This unseen situation for the States will develop itself in a cascade pattern with unprecedented and devastating effects for the economy. Jobs offshoring will surely end with many American Corporations relocating overseas thus becoming foreign Corporations!!!!

We see a significant part of the American population migrating to Latin America and Asia while migration to Europe – suffering a similar illness – won’t be relevant. Nevertheless the death toll will be horrible. Take into account that the Soviet Union’s population was poorer than the Americans nowadays or even then. The ex-Soviets suffered during the following struggle in the 1990s with a significant death toll and the loss of national pride. Might we say “Twice the pride, double the fall”? Nope.

The American standard of living is one of the highest, far more than double of the Soviets while having a services economy that will be gone with the financial system. When pensioners see their retirement disappear in front of their eyes and there are no servicing jobs you can imagine what is going to happen next. At least younger people can migrate. Never in human history were so many elders among the population. In past centuries people were lucky to get to their 30s or 40s. The American downfall is set to be far worse than the Soviet Union’s one. A confluence of crisis with a devastating result.


And while their expected culling of 227 million Americans isn’t quite as many as they were forecasting just weeks ago, they are still forecasting a huge drop for America’s population within less than 8 years, a population drop-off which is still unadequately explained, even using their 2014 explanation seen in the previous section of this story above.

While the mainstream media and gatekeepers such as snopes will continue to call the globalists depopulation agenda a ‘conspiracy theory’ despite the fact that its written in granite upon the mysterious Georgia Guidestones, we hear from videographer Truth Happens in the first video below all about Gates plans for a universal vaccine with our videographer also talking with us about the globalists depopulation agenda.

And in the final video from videographer ‘Leak Project’ about the suspect ‘mutant virus’ on the loose that some warn could eventually lead to the deaths of 300 million or more, with medical experts warning the conditions for such a deadly outbreak are perfect despite the fact that they still don’t even know exactly what will cause this ‘outbreak’.

Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates’ Vaccine Dictatorship Plan – Cites Gates’ Twisted ‘Messiah Complex’

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. is an American environmental attorney, author, and opponent of vaccination. Kennedy is a son of Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of former president John F. Kennedy. He is the president of the board of Waterkeeper Alliance, a non-profit environmental group that he helped found in 1999.

From #RobertFKennedyJr‘s Instagram post today, April 9th, 2020:

#Vaccines, for #BillGates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including #Microsoft’s ambition to control a global vac ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control over global health policy—the spear tip of corporate neo-imperialism.

Gates’ obsession with vaccines seems fueled by a messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology and a god-like willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans.

Promising to eradicate Polio with $1.2 billion, Gates took control of India ‘s National Advisory Board (NAB) and mandated 50 polio vaccines (up from 5) to every child before age 5. Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating vaccine-strain polio epidemic that paralyzed 496,000 children between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, the Indian Government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and evicted Gates and his cronies from the NAB. Polio paralysis rates dropped precipitously. In 2017, the World Health Organization reluctantly admitted that the global polio explosion is predominantly vaccine strain, meaning it is coming from Gates’ Vaccine Program. The most frightening epidemics in Congo, the Philippines, and Afghanistan are all linked to Gates’ vaccines. By 2018, ¾ of global polio cases were from Gates’ vaccines.

In 2014, the #GatesFoundation funded tests of experimental HPV vaccines, developed by GSK and Merck, on 23,000 young girls in remote Indian provinces. Approximately 1,200 suffered severe side effects, including autoimmune and fertility disorders. Seven died. Indian government investigations charged that Gates funded researchers committed pervasive ethical violations: pressuring vulnerable village girls into the trial, bullying parents, forging consent forms, and refusing medical care to the injured girls. The case is now in the country’s Supreme Court.

In 2010, the Gates Foundation funded a trial of a GSK’s experimental malaria vaccine, killing 151 African infants and causing serious adverse effects including paralysis, seizure, and febrile convulsions to 1,048 of the 5,049 children.

During Gates 2002 MenAfriVac Campaign in Sub-Saharan Africa, Gates operatives forcibly vaccinated thousands of African children against meningitis. Between 50-500 children developed paralysis. South African newspapers complained, “We are guinea pigs for drug makers”

Nelson Mandela’s former Senior Economist, Professor Patrick Bond, describes Gates’ philantropic practices as “ruthless” and “immoral”.

In 2010, Gates committed $10 billion to the WHO promising to reduce population, in part, through new vaccines. A month later Gates told a Ted Talk that new vaccines “could reduce population”. In 2014, Kenya’s Catholic Doctors Association accused the WHO of chemically sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women with a phony “tetanus” vaccine campaign.

Independent labs found the sterility formula in every vaccine tested.

After denying the charges, WHO finally admitted it had been developing the sterility vaccines for over a decade.

Similar accusations came from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines.

A 2017 study (Morgensen et.Al.2017) showed that WHO’s popular DTP is killing more African than the disease it pretends to prevent. Vaccinated girls suffered 10x the death rate of unvaccinated children.

Gates and the WHO refused to recall the lethal vaccine which WHO forces upon millions of African children annually.

Global public health advocates around the world accuse Gates of – hijacking WHO’s agenda away from the projects that are proven to curb infectious diseases; clean water, hygiene, nutrition and economic development.

They say he has diverted agency resources to serve his personal fetish – that good health only comes in a syringe.

In addition to using his philanthropy to control WHO, UNICEF, GAVI and PATH, Gates funds private pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines, and a massive network of pharmaceutical industry front groups that broadcast deceptive propaganda, develop fraudulent studies, conduct surveillance and psychological operations against vaccine hesitancy and use Gates’ power and money to silence dissent and coerce compliance.
In this recent nonstop Pharmedia appearances, Gates appears gleeful that the Covid-19 crisis will give him the opportunity to force his third-world vaccine programs on American children.”

MN Sen. Dr. says reported coronavirus deaths may be off

By Cali Hubbard

(Valley News Live) — Minnesota Senator and Doctor Scott Jensen say he received a seven-page document from the Minnesota Department of Health on how doctors should go about filling out a cause of death certificate.

The letter from the Minnesota department of health gives

advice to physicians, physician assistants and others who certify deaths.

The doctor says the letter takes you to a CDC website that has recommendations on how to include COVID-19 as a diagnosis for someone who was never tested for COVID-19.

“Say I have a nursing home patient that’s frail and 88-years-old and comes down with a cough and a fever, and after three days, ends up passing away from pneumonia, I’m not going to put influenza on that death certificate,” Dr. Jensen. So I doubt that I would be inclined to put COVID-19.”

Dr. Jensen says each state’s reported death numbers are making a lot of people fearful, adding that getting the number right is critical, especially during a pandemic.

“I worry about that sometimes we’re so darn interested in jazzing up the fear factor that sometimes people’s ability to think for themselves is paralyzed if they’re frightened enough,” said Dr. Jensen.

One of the scenarios listed under the CDC “Guidance for Certifying Deaths Due to Coronavirus” says although no testing was done, the coroner determined that the likely underlying cause of death was COVID-19 given the patient’s symptoms and exposure to an infected individual.

So is the Minnesota state data reliable?

“I don’t have any position to question that,” said Dr. Jensen. “I know that I’ve talked with nursing staff who have been involved with people who have passed away that either had living wills or were on hospice care and in some of those situations, I’ve been led to believe that there may have been a COVID-19 diagnosis included on the death certificate document without having had a COVID-19 confirmed laboratory test.”

He says the public isn’t stupid, and if you start messing with the numbers, you’re going to wish you didn’t.

Senator Dr. Scott Jensen: Right now Medicare is determining that if you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital you get $13,000. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator you get $39,000, three times as much. Nobody can tell me after 35 years in the world of medicine that sometimes those kinds of things impact on what we do.

Via Ingraham Angle:

Feds classifying all coronavirus patient deaths as ‘COVID-19’ deaths, regardless of cause

via The New York Post

The federal government is classifying the deaths of patients infected with the coronavirus as COVID-19 deaths, regardless of any underlying health issues that could have contributed to the loss of someone’s life.

Dr. Deborah Birx, the response coordinator for the White House coronavirus task force, said the federal government is continuing to count the suspected COVID-19 deaths, despite other nations doing the opposite.

“There are other countries that if you had a pre-existing condition, and let’s say the virus caused you to go to the ICU [intensive care unit] and then have a heart or kidney problem,” she said during a Tuesday news briefing at the White House. “Some countries are recording that as a heart issue or a kidney issue and not a COVID-19 death.

“The intent is … if someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that,” she added.

Asked whether the numbers could skew data the government is trying to collect, Birx said that would mostly apply more to rural areas where testing isn’t being implemented on a wide scale.

“I’m pretty confident that in New York City and New Jersey and places that have these large outbreaks and COVID-only hospitals. … I can tell you they are testing,” she said.

Enlarge ImageDr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinatorAP

Dr. Michael Baden, a Fox News contributor, said it’s reasonable to include the death of someone infected with the virus, who also had other health issues, in the COVID-19 body count.

“In the normal course, autopsies would then determine whether the person died of the effects of the COVID virus, whether the person had a brain tumor or brain hemorrhage, for example, that might be unrelated to it and what the relative significance of both the infection and the pre-existing disease is,” Baden told Fox News.

However, the number of autopsies being performed could be low due to the danger of infection, he said.

“Then you will include in those numbers some people who did have a pre-existing condition that would have caused death anyway, but that’s probably a small number,” Baden said.

The United States had 398,185 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday night, including more than 12,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

President Trump spent Monday trying to assure Americans that the US and health facilities are prepared for a possible surge in cases in the coming weeks.

“Progress has been made before the surge,” Trump said during the White House coronavirus briefing, where he said hospitals will be stockpiled with much-needed equipment. “The next week, week and a half is when the big surge is going to come.”