The End is Here

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Corona was a smokescreen and excuse to engineer a bailout of massive corporate debt bubble before bursting.

It also served to crush workers earnings momentum (remember “fight for 15”? That’s dead for a decade if not longer).

Without a catalyzing event the Fed would have never been able to pull it off without the Guillotines rolling.

The second I heard “we’re all in this together” it was obvious a crime was about to be committed.

Anything they say is nonsense. One smokescreen that was crucial timing wise was to create a deflationary counter balance to the massively inflationary effect of their exponential printing of currency. So far they have managed to balance these two opposing forces but it’s just a matter of time until the dam cracks.

This was a new effort to reset the fiat money.

They knew that another FF world war would probably not work so the plandemic was the next option

Keep your eyes ope for a new ebola virus.

You could stretch that even further. This so called pandemic is quite likely a game planned psychological operation to allow further erosion of personal liberties and rights. Locking large portions of the planet down due to a virus was only possible because of carefully coordinated media and political scare mongering.

Current power structures are losing the ability to control perceptions and ability to control events. As they know they are soon about to lose their most important control tool – money, it shouldn’t be too surprising that they would attempt something like this. Now as it is becoming overwhelmingly evident that their response was totally disproportionate they are scrambling to divert attention from it. That is why media is hyping racially driven street riots right now. I’m actually impressed by how effective they still are because what we are seeing through media now is so ridiculous and stupid that it makes no sense at all.

Note how the story has gone from total lockdown to staging million-man protests without regard to “social distancing” rules. Did the “threat” of Covid 19 suddenly abate? Or have these morons finally realized it cannot be used as the basis for a lockdown any longer. People have started to notice that it was about as dangerous as other annual flus/colds, and so now they resort to attempting to incite a violent rampage of rioting. Note also how these are only occurring in Democratic strongholds.

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