Black Lives Matter Cultural Revolution

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The current lunacy has often been compared with the Cultural Revolution, but in some ways, it is closer to the aftermath of the Hundred Flowers Campaign.

Consider the story in the video below:

A company that claims to value Diversity of Views & Opinions fired the mother of the Atlanta police officer who was charged with murder of a black guy who resisted arrest with physical violence, snatched the taser from one of the officers, and fired it at them. What was her thought crime? She called it ‘nonsense’. She was accused of creating a ‘hostile work environment’ and canned just like that. So, on the one hand, the company says its policy is about the diversity of views(or freedom of speech) but, in practice, will immediately remove anyone who deviates from the official program.
It sounds like those Jewish oligarchs and commissars at Big Tech, academia & media, law firms & courts, and government who say they are for Free Speech but will not tolerate ‘hate speech'(to be subjectively and politically determined by their ilk). So, ‘diversity of views’ are respected but not when it is ‘hostile’, like a mother speaking up for her son who was obviously race-framed by the system. So, free speech is wonderful as long as it’s not ‘hateful’, with ‘hate’ being defined mostly by Jews who apparently think BDS(or speech calling for justice for Palestinians) is ‘hateful’. For sure, anti-BDS legislation has the backing of both parties.

Now, what happened in the aftermath of the Hundred Flowers Campaign? Nikita Khrushchev ushered in a new era of de-Stalinization, something the Chinese Communists were very critical of. They feared that criticism of Stalin’s legacy would undermine their legitimacy. Still, Mao Zedong wasn’t one to be outdone by Khrushchev and decided to have his own experimentation with freedom and go even further. So, he declared the Hundred Flowers Campaign. He urged all Chinese, high and low, to hold nothing back and speak their minds. Initially, most Chinese were hesitant as the first six years of communist rule had been pretty ruthless and repressive. People had either been cowed into fearful conformism or indoctrinated with party dogma. They were scaredy cats or rabid dogs.
When Mao called on the people in and out of government and in all walks of life to speak freely, most people were either hesitant or confused. So, the commissars were instructed to apply pressure on the people to speak up, to complain about something, to let things off their chest. It was as if people were forced to engage in free speech and speaking-truth-to-power. Gradually, one by one, people began to speak out. Then, the voices grew louder and bolder. The criticism went from personal things to local matters to problems at work to the failings of the communist party and then communism itself and finally the big kahuna, Mao himself. Still, people were speaking out ONLY BECAUSE Mao had started the Hundred Flowers Campaign. He was the one who ordered the Chinese people to take part in proto-Glasnost, and they did. They were told to be free in thought and speech, and they spoke their minds.

But when Mao had just about heard enough, he shut down the campaign and those who’d spoken up were rounded up and punished. The serious offenders who denounced the Party and Mao were executed. But even those who mildly rebuked the political system were denounced, fired from work, and sent to forced-labor camps. In the memoir SON OF THE REVOLUTION, Liang Heng told the story of his mother. When the campaign began, she was reluctant to say anything and told her boss that all was well. But her boss pressed upon her to voice some complaint in keeping with the spirit of the times. If Chairman Mao wanted people to speak freely, they should. So, finally and perhaps grudgingly, she made a minor criticism about some details at work. And everything seemed to be fine until Mao called an end to the campaign and ordered his commissars to punish those who had spoken against the Party. Suddenly, the very people who’d urged Liang’s mother to speak up came down hard on her. Especially to save their own skins, they had to condemn the very people they’d encouraged to speak freely during the campaign. The new directive, the Anti-Rightist Campaign, was about gathering up all those who’d spoken ‘hostile’ words about the system and punishing them as class enemies. So, the woman was denounced and fired from the job. Worse, her craven husband divorced her and denounced her, and she was sent to the farms to ‘learn from the people’.

So, what is the similarity between China of the Hundred-Flowers-and-Anti-Rightist-Campaigns and the US of today? Back in the mid-1950s, the Chinese were told to value freedom and speak freely… but, as it turned out, they were only free to agree with the dogma and narrative(and to hail Mao to high heaven). If they dared to speak freely against the system, dogma, or narrative, they were to be targeted for denunciation, firing, imprisonment, and even execution. You were free only to agree.


US and the West of today follow a similar logic. They’re said to be ‘liberal democracies’ that value free speech, but that doesn’t mean ‘hate speech’, and of course, ANYTHING can be construed as ‘hate speech’ by the Jewish Supremacists who rule as overlords. And so-called ‘liberal’ institutions of media and academia say they value diversity of views and opinions, but they will not tolerate words that create ‘hostile’ work environments. But what does this mean? It doesn’t mean all forms of hostility or aggression are banned. Indeed, certain hostilities are encouraged, as with Facebook and Youtube Terms of Service that, while banning ‘hostile views’ against Jews, blacks, homos, and the like, are not only okay but encouraging of hostile views against whites, conservatives, true Christians, and nationalists. Diversity Programs encourage everyone, from children to adults, to harbor hostile feelings toward certain groups, especially straight white men, while berating whites to be ever so sensitive about not saying or doing anything that might, just might, offend certain favored groups, especially Jews, blacks, and homos. Whites are forced into fragility but then accused of ‘white fragility’ as well. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. (But all those whites who wonder why the Chinese acted so stupidly under Mao should look in the mirror because their behavior is just as irrational, stupid, craven, and retarded.)

Now, is this a victory of the Left over the Right? Is it a triumph of Liberalism over Conservatism? Many think so, especially as Tucker Carlson and others of Conservatism Inc. keep blaming the Left, Left, Left. But the real power behind all this is Jewish Tribal Supremacism. True Leftism died long ago. Not only did communism fall in the East but the American Left gave up on workers and cut a deal with super-capitalists of Big Tech, Wall Street, and Global ‘free trade’. The triumph of Homo-Mania has NOTHING to do with true leftism. It’s faux-leftism that destroyed Mayday in favor of Gayday with full backing of Super-Capital and neo-aristo globalism.
Also, if Antifa is truly communist or against the oligarchy, why does it pick fights mostly with the Dissident Right that has NO POWER in any industry and institution. In effect, Antifa has been valued by Jewish Capitalist Oligarchs as their Janissary force(who attack any sign of white identity or white pride as ‘nazi’); Jews promote and protect Antifa thuggery to clamp down on uppity whites who seek White Liberation from the Jewish Supremacist Plantation. Antifa are mostly idiot whites trained and directed by venal Jewish tribalists to hate and attack white patriots. Jews use the goy dolts of Antifa for their own supremacist purposes but hoodwinked the idiots into believing they are fighting the coming of Neo-Nazism to the West.

There is no true left anymore. And it’s not a triumph of liberalism either. Liberalism is about individualism, liberty, and free speech. The current power hates individual conscience and free speech. It insists that we all bow our heads and go along to get along with the System dominated by Jewish globo-homo capitalists. Why would Jews approve of individual conscience when a truly free-thinking moralist will surely condemn Zionist tyranny over Palestinians? Jews use PC to dictate approved-morality(the kind that is useful to Jewish Power) on the masses. Sure, some of the current rhetoric has some faux-leftist window-dressing or sentimentalism about ‘liberal democratic values'(as opposed to the ‘autocratic’ ways of Evil Putin and the like), but boiled down to essentials, the dominant power is Jewish Supremacist.
If leftism is about the little guy or the underdog and if indeed leftism is the dominant ideology in the US, the current power should be siding with Palestinians against Zionists. But where do you see that? Some may say BLM movement is leftist in supporting justice for blacks against powerful white ‘racism’ and ‘white privilege’, but it’s really a form of black supremacism exploited by Jewish supremacism. Blacks act out in supremacist contempt toward the weaker races. They love to holler, intimidate, and do as they please. They don’t really care about black lives, or else they’d stop murdering one another. BLM implies that blacks lives are superior to white lives, and that’s why it’s an unforgivable sin for any white to kill a black; it’d be like a slave killing the master, and blacks feel as the new master race. BLM isn’t about remembrance of slavery and the dark past. Rather, it is a cultist-spiritualization of the past to elevate blacks from a people with a tragic history to new gods to be worshiped and ass-kissed by rest of humanity. It is the expression of black god-complex. It is also a form of black nihilism, i.e. blacks can use anything as an excuse to rob, loot, pillage, beat up people, murder whites, shoot police officers, and etc. Blacks can act like animals by pretending to be angels.
In truth, history changes, and blacks today are not what they were 100 yrs ago, just like China today isn’t what it was 100 yrs ago. Basing current perception of blacks on past history is like seeing today’s China through the prism of China-as-sick-man-of-Asia 100 yrs ago. It’s like pretending history is static, rather weirdly ironic coming from progs who are always celebrating the acceleration of history and change. (For those who say blacks are mired in problems due to the legacy of slavery, why not argue blacks are mired in savagery due to the legacy of savagery? After all, blacks were slaves for only 200 yrs in America whereas they were savages for 100,000 yrs in Africa? Isn’t the legacy of savagery and its genetic imprint a more determinant driver of black behavior than the meager 200 yrs of slavery, which, at the very least, elevated blacks from the stage of savagery? It’s been a common theme among all human groups wherein slavery played a key role as civilizing agent. It was hardly unique to blacks.) And we know Jews aren’t sincere in their concern for blacks because they have no qualms about oppressing and terrorizing Palestinians and using the US to wage Wars for Israel that have destroyed millions of lives. And speaking of hate campaigns, which group in Hollywood financed all those movies depicting Arabs/Muslims as nothing but subhuman terrorists? It sure wasn’t the Eskimos.

Just like the Corleones in THE GODFATHER movies had a lot of buffers, Jews have a lot of buffers or fronts. Neocons used buffers like Dubya Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. Globo-Homo Zionists had their pet monkey in Barack Obama. BLM is a tool used by Jews for the most cynical reasons. Jews incited BLM rage to turn blacks away from Donald Trump. Jews use BLM to bolster ‘white guilt’, the key element in keeping whites ashamed and subservient, thus obeisant to Jewish Supremacist Power. The scales will fall off many more eyes when they stop blaming the ‘left’ or ‘liberals’ and just name the Power that is Jewish Supremacist.

Though Soviet leaders and CCP bigshots acted like gangsters, they were still in service of an ideology. There is no ideology in the current madness in the West. As such, it’s hard to discern any thematic consistency in all that is happening. Instead, we are to believe in the magic of Diversity. But Diversity of Peoples often leads to contention and conflict. Diversity of Ideas means commitment to free speech, but free speech also means speaking-truth-to-power, something Jewish supremacist elites cannot tolerate as they fear being called out(and blamed) as the True Rulers of the West, i.e. Jewish Privilege, not ‘white privilege’, is the determining force in US and EU.
Because Diversity of Peoples and Cultures leads to conflict, some kind of unity is sought by ‘Idology'(or idolatry as ideology) of gods and devils. Since it’d be too confusing to emphasize the equal worth of every group, the trick is to make ALL groups unite in reverence to the Holy Three: Jews, blacks, and homos. That is one part of Intersectionality. Whether you’re Mexican, Hindu, Chinese, Iranian, Muslim, Arab, Filipino, or etc, your identity doesn’t have much intrinsic value, and therefore, you must rally around the ‘gay pride’ flag because homos are special, or ‘more equal than others’. All unite under Globo-Homo… or BLM or Holocaust-Worship. The other side of Intersectionality is the common denunciation of the Enemy, the Devil, the Whitey. So, never mind the problems among all shades of blacks, browns, yellows, and etc. Where they should all ‘intersect’ is in demonizing and scapegoating Whitey as the source of all Evil, rather ironic since they all head to or cling to the white worlds(and run from their own peoples and cultures) for better material lives and more Rule of Law.

But behind all this is the Barzini-Hyman-Roth of Jewish Power. Jewish Supremacists are pulling the strings. And yes, the current discourse is uber-stupid because ‘idology’ is based on cult-worship of idolized groups and witch-hunting of demonized ones. One might say the current ideology is ‘anti-racist’, but if ‘racism’ means racial supremacism and demonization of certain groups based on skin color, then it is the reigning zeitgeist of the times. Of course, many are blind to this because whites have IN ESSENCE been associated with racial supremacism while blacks have been branded as eternal ‘victims of racism’. But history changes, and the victims of yesterday can be oppressors of today and tomorrow. But under the illogic of current stupidity, even if blacks were to enslave whites and make ‘honkeys’ pick cotton under the whip, the narrative would drone on and on about the new reality as ‘justice’ because blacks, even as the new master race, have been tagged as the eternal victim race whereas whites, though the new slave race, has been tagged as the eternal ‘racist’ master race. Such is the idiocy that blinds people to Zionist tyranny over Palestinians. Because Jews have been tagged as the Eternal Victims of Antisemitism, even criticism of Jews acting like New Nazis toward a weak people like the Palestinians is deemed ‘antisemitic’ because Jews are righteous and holy no matter what they do. Even as they kill and terrorize as IDF goon squads, they are to be regarded as a bunch of Anne Franks.

But then, white people deserve blame for failing to speak the truth. As long as they don’t name Jewish Power in all this, they are hopeless and deserve to lose and fall. Those who are incapable or unwilling to speak the truth deserve no sympathy. They are like cancer patients who refuse to admit they got cancer and seek proper treatment. Are they so fearful of charges of ‘racism’ and ‘antisemitism’? Don’t they know that history changes and is not static? Look at China and Japan today as opposed to how things were 100 yrs ago. Look at Roman Empire and Germanic Barbarians when the former was on top and when the latter was on top and sacked Rome. Look at Jews as early immigrants to Palestine that was overwhelmingly Arabic and compare them to Jews who totally dominate Israel/Palestine today. A small immigrant community became the dominant force in the territory.
Blacks were social slaves of whites, but they soon became biological masters over whites. Being more muscular and more aggressive, they began to kick white butt. Blacks complain of ‘redlining’, but whites suffered even more under black violence and criminality. White Flight was something that was forced on whites by black thuggery. Whites were forced to pay HIGHER PRICES for property values just to be safe and secure from black neo-savagery. If whites were guilty of redlining, blacks were guilty of front-lining, i.e. turning entire localities into front-lines of black war on white. Many whites didn’t want to leave their ethnic communities in the cities. They had roots there. They left because of the black fist and oogity-behavior. But no one talks about the biological slavery of whites under black thuggery. White Flight was like Harriet-Tubmanism for whites. If blacks tried to flee to the north from social slavery in the South, whites tried to flee from biological slavery under black thuggery. And Jews are full of shit because Jew Flew was part of White Flight. And what brought down crime in places like NY in the 1990s and 2000s? Jews worked with Billy Boy Clinton to build neo-plantations of prison systems to incarcerate lots of black super-predators who were exploited for cheap labor.

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