The Degradation of the US Elite

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by Aleksandr Rodgers via

Famous (I would even say “infamous”) US Senator Marco Rubio said on live television the other day:


Do you understand? US interference in the internal affairs of other countries and support for separatists there are “internal affairs”. And “don’t you dare impede us”.

The point is not even that it’s the purest, unfettered chutzpah. The fact that Americans “f*cking cowboys”™ possess huge, almost unlimited impudence (nobody has outdone them for a long time) is not news for a long time.

If Rubio had said “what we want, we’ll get”, it would have been half the trouble.

The bottom line is that a public figure, a senator, one of the leaders of the Republican Party, and a man clearly with presidential ambitions does not understand the difference between internal affairs and external affairs.

I will emphasize: this is a congressman who has to pass laws, i.e., a person with a legal education (I specifically checked, he officially received a degree in jurisprudence). And he cannot distinguish external from internal affairs, let alone international law. How does he even make laws?

And the worst thing is that no one – neither journalists, nor the public and bloggers, nor representatives of the opposing party – presented him this way.

Because if in Russia one of the deputies or officials comes out with such obvious foolishness (which, of course, also happens), it instantly becomes a meme, everyone jokes about it, cartoons are drawn and it’s made fun of in every possible way.

But in the United States, one of the Republican leaders publicly disgraced himself – and simply no one noticed it.

This says only one thing – the American elites (who have been feuding among themselves for several years and have not missed a single chance to kick their opponents harder) – all these congressmen, journalists, and experts – are simply en masse as incompetent and illiterate as Marco Rubio.

Again, pay attention to the latest talks in China, Washington didn’t just send a nobody, but Henry Kissinger. Grandpa is 96 years old, he has serious problems with vision and hearing, he barely moves, and when walking sand ours out of him – but it is he who has to be sent, because in the US nobody else at least comparable in terms of diplomatic skills simply exists. The bench is empty.

All Pompeo and Pence can do is, on the eve of an important round of talks, talk a bunch of anti-Chinese propaganda like “the Chinese people don’t want to be run by communists”. They could not at least wait a week or two until the negotiations had taken place before making such statements. Two clinical imbeciles (which, however, quite suits me).

And, again, I never once found an article in the American press where anyone (even the same Democrat opposition) said “What are these two talking about? Why are they ruining relations with the Chinese?” Everyone is satisfied, no one sees anything strange, shameful, or frankly stupid about this behaviour.

This is the total degradation of elites – managerial, political, expert, journalistic (and even stand-up comedians, who in the United States are aplenty).

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