Testing at “Alien” Area 51 Didn’t Help the US Solve the Mystery of the Russian S-400

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Will America be able to unravel the technology of the Russian S-400 “Triumf” system? In a conversation with “Tsargrad”, military expert Aleksey Leonkov stated that based on past experience, it is obvious that the United States cannot understand the tricks of Russian weapons, and not even the principles behind them. “They have a lot of our Soviet air defence systems at the Tonopah air base, in the “Alien” Area 51. They are still trying to figure them out, but nothing is working,” he explained. The Americans still cannot understand some of the features of our technologies.

But the US obviously has a great interest in this. For example, the recent incident in Turkey, where Russian S-400 “Triumf” systems were tested, must have made the United States redouble their efforts to come up with a clever approach to deciphering the secrets. But despite their efforts, the Russian system has been able to “catch” American fighter jets flying 170-200 kilometers from the Turkish base.

In the meantime, the American side hands out ultimatums to the Turks. In response to Ankara’s purchase of Russian S-400s, Washington excluded Turkey from the program to build F-35 fighter jets and set conditions for it to purchase the “Patriot” air defence system.

America’s efforts to reverse engineer our weapons face a major obstacle: buyer countries cannot resell our systems, no matter how much NATO might want them.

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“When we sell such systems, we always include a clause that prohibits re-sale to third parties. This is a strict requirement so that this type of anti-aircraft defense does not fall into undesirable hands. Because, for example, the MANPADS that the Americans once supplied to the Mujahideen [in Afghanistan] are still in circulation around the world,” he said.

In addition, Turkey itself may well seek to annoy the United States in response to such ultimatums. “Turkey, which participates in the F-35 program, supplied a certain number of components that the F-35 cannot fly without. For this reason it received the aircraft at a discount. But the Americans cut off their participation and the Turks apparently cut off their supplies of components. Therefore, there is a question of how to solve this problem and not lose face,” the military expert said.

Regardless of this Turkish-American issue, Russia probably should not be afraid that the US will eventually be able to obtain our weapons through third parties.

“[What] is the point of selling the S-400 to Turkey if it undermines the security of our country? How about the secrets? We once sold S-300 systems to Greece, and, frankly, the Americans learned about this system. The Greeks, of course, did not sell them anything, as it was Ukraine which gave them its system, but this did not lead to any changes in American’s aviation system. The metal was sold – but you need to understand how this metal works, what technologies were used, etc., and the Americans cannot. They try to be clever, but it doesn’t work. It is clear that we are still secure with these systems, so that if any unauthorised ‘partner’ rummages around there, he will not find anything; everything will fail,” he concluded.

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