Anti-immigration? Which Immigration?

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Caspar von Everec says:

Its more important to restrict high IQ Asian and Indian immigrants than a pack of low IQ Mestizos from central America. The Black criminals are even less of a threat. A government could crush them in minutes if it wanted to and everyone would applaud.

The problem with Asian and Indian immigration is that they replace the whites in high cognition jobs. If it continues, it will get to a stage where whites are simply not needed by the Jewish oligarchy anymore. Right now, they can’t afford to simply kill off or completely force out the white population of the US.

They do most of the high cognition, professional and technocratic jobs like engineering, finance, medicine, technical work etc. However, if America amasses a large enough pool of rootless and compliant coolie technocrats from India and China, this will no longer be the case.

The jewish plutocracy would feel much more comfortable with such rootless and amorphous subordinates than Whites, who have a large population base and historical roots in the country.

The elite is already waging a soft genocide on whites, yet when they no longer need whites for intelligent labor, it will turn into a hard one, with full Soviet style dekulakization. Instead of enemies of the proletariat, it will be enemies of equality/ diversity.

Furthermore, even if that were not the case, it makes zero sense for whites to allow high IQ immigrants in the country. Why would you want a foreign cadre of technocrats to rule over you? Why would you want more competitors for your children for well paying professions?

Mass Asian immigration means complete depowering of whites and their reduction to a coolie class. It will be a future where the best job a white man is able to get is to be a mechanic or carpenter. Law, medicine, engineering? Those are for the diverse and oppressed Asians and blacks (read: groups not a threat to the Jewish plutocracy).

Then there’s the case of Hispanics… I’ll concede that its not that much of an issue. They are not as criminal and their low IQ means they’ll never be a credible technocratic threat. These people are mostly powerless and are simply cattle labor for the corporate bosses.

However, mass migration is still a great economic punch to the heritage American. It lowers wages, destroys unionization, cripples support for welfare services and the glut of labor serves as a permanent downward pressure on wages…in addition to rising inflation as a result of the newcomer’s debt fuelled consumption.

The US importing hordes of STEM gradates whereas STEM fields have long passed saturation point.

Thus immigration reduction is deeply popular among Americans of all races, as everyone feels the financial crunch. It is impossible to achieve any sort of middle class society with decent wages, when there are a billion immigrants in tow.

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