Geriatric pontification?

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YeahNO says:

Having escaped the pisshole , last october , all you godless disgraces are currently trapped in , I have recently landed in Serbia .

I can say that it sure is nice to be walking around in white cities … they are beautiful , clean , women and children and old men playing chess in the parks … the youth out at night walking hand in hand or with a friend , wandering around the city , sitting near the fountain in the park , laughing – they have a strength and a bond , a down home honestly of expression , and the feeling is palpably different than the wretched isolation I almost constantly felt in those trashhole low trust multicultural wastelands called american cities…

I am still alone , but there is a sense of hope here … yesterday I chased down a 5’11” voluptuous beauty and asked her out … I soon noticed she had a ring and backed off , but she walked amicably with me for 10 minutes , inquired about my lemgth of stay and travels , exhibited more femininity in her pinky than 20 of those trashy sluts you share your shit-stained streets with…

And , I just recalled , yesterday morning , as I munched on a komplat lepinja at a little bakery hole in the wall run by two friendly old ladies , one of the lady’s daughter and granddaughter showed up . The mother of the daughter was probably early to mid forties , thin , blond , olive skinned and quite pretty . She commented on how the komplats won’t make me fat because look at her… I agreed and threw a smile and a funny comment her way… NOW , this woman was married and had a lovely beautiful 7 year old girl in tow , BUT she turned bright red with blush and beautiful shyness at my comment… it was just moving … when was the last time you saw one of your women blush?

Homogeneity matters if you want more than money out life , like , say , nature and humanness …

Get out.

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