Next in Line – Liberal Fascism

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The events unfolding now in Europe and the US show that the left-liberals, who are losing public support, are ready to commit the most vile provocations and any violence against laws and constitutions, just to stop their societies from returning to the primacy of traditional values.

For many years, Europe has been becoming more and more right-wing. The demand for traditional values and healthy conservatism is clearly growing, and along with it, the approval ratings of right-wing conservative politicians are growing, and the positions of the relevant political parties are strengthening.

The European right-wing cannot yet break the monopoly of the left-liberal globalists in European politics. Will they?

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David Anderson
David Anderson
3 years ago

yes , soon enough , although we will undoubtedly NEED to shed blood and this will be on both sides, especially within the police and military units in places like CANADA and UK , where the police are literally DEMONS pretending to still be humans..they are souless creatures hellbent on our collective destruciton , INCLUDING their own families and friends, they are right at the bottom along with the ZIONISTS and bankers..the CEOS, the ultra wealthy, ALL of which are humanities burden..humanities SHAME< and collectively GODS MISTAKE..these creatures , being allowed to live and foment evil within OUR staggers the beggars belief, and finally , IT DEMANDS concerted action on ALL our parts! We , none of us, have the luxury of standing on the fence, hiding in the shadows, no , on the contrary, we are now faced with the FACT that it is us or them, and one way or another…the outcome will be decided SOON.. Good vs. EVIL, it is a simple as that..POLICE and MILITARY< government officials and ALL MSM employees, ALL silicon valley staff, they are our targets…remove them and we may live , fail and ALL of humanity is DOOMED

3 years ago

Good article. However, there is no such thing as Liberal Fascism. That’s an oxymoron.