Vaccines for the Useless Eaters

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Remember those videos of the Chinese falling dead as they walked on the street? The mobile crematories? U-Haul trucks carting the dead to a mass grave in NYC? Pop-up hospitals and tents to treat the ‘infected’? 30,000 ventilators needed at a moment’s notice? Trailers full of ‘bodies’ waiting for processing? The war on hydroxychloroquine? 4 decades of peer-reviewed studies that prove that masks are ineffective? Fauci stating that the healthy don’t need to wear masks? “14 days to get over the curve”? Etc., et. al.?

That’s the whole point. They wouldn’t need to make it mandatory if it had a 5 or 10% mortality rate. The risk-benefit analysis would cause most people to take their chances with the vaccine even if they don’t like the idea of it. The risk that the vaccine has unexpected serious side-effects (or intentional ones) far outweighs to risk of the virus.

As enough people are maimed by the vaccine, it’ll become pretty evident the vaccines are dangerous. That’s why they want to vaccine hundreds of millions within 24 hours. It’ll be logistically impossible and they’ll end up getting exposed. Enough will escape and be unharmed, demonstrating being unvaccinated is the only way to be healthy.

Their plan will ultimately fail. But at least they’ll do us the favor of knocking off most of the retards.

Seriously would you knowingly take an mRNA vaccine with spike protein molecules uncannily similar to HIV spike proteins for a flu virus that has 99% survival rate?! AIDS in a bottle, mRNA Vaccine mandates will be tied to welfare, social security, medicare, medicaid, travel, etc.

mRNA vaccine introduces the HIV spike protein and your own body produces antibodies to the HIV spike protein. Surprise surprise, HIV antibodies don’t provide immunity to the host like chicken pox or measles virus because if they did, AIDS would be cured. What really happens is the HIV spike protein mRNA will cause cellular DNA specific strain of HIV AIDS killing the idiot who took the COVID 19 vaccine. Depopulation is successfully accomplished without the serfs realizing they are dying of AIDS and the Gates Rockefeller Schwab EURO great RESET gang and their families inherit the earth while you and your family eat maggots 6 foot under the ground in your graves!

It’s likely that the plan will be to mandate and then back down, then unleash the next virus which will be a true pandemic. At which they will blame all the vaccine hesitant and then force another vaccine on the remaining population which will sterilize 1/2 the remaining popluation. Within 20 years we will be back down to approximately 2 billion people or fewer. The elites will never take any of these vaccines.

I bet they drop another Corona strain and I’m sure as hell not talking about China because they never started this, the same old September 11 perps did.

I hope they don’t back off of all of this, because if they keep up its over for this corrupt nightmare.

They’ll eventually threaten you with the ability to work, buy groceries etc. The masks will come off but you’ll need to show your ID first. Those who don’t get one will be terminated from their jobs. No school…….Child Services will eventually make it around to recover children from homes who don’t. You won’t be able to see a doctor, vote (lol), get a meal. The infrastructure is in place.

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Craig Watson
Craig Watson
2 years ago

This is a very detailed article of what to expect with coming mRNA vaccine, best I’ve read, use it for your own edification and disseminate it to whom is appropriate. Almost no Americans know anything about this has been my experience. Those ignorant seem unwilling to learn anything, sorry to say, a major problem for maintaining this nation intact.

Craig Watson
Craig Watson
2 years ago

Anyone connected to Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense needs to get acquainted with their partner in crime: the German Corona Investigatory Committee. I’ve connected with them to assist in their indictment of Fauci for Crimes Against Humanity. That CIC is filing the largest Class Action Lawsuit ever filed against all those who have created and propagated this crime worldwide. They are presently our best hope for justice as they have experience in winning the 2 previous largest class action lawsuits against Deutsch Bank and VW.
Watch Riener Fuellmich’s first online presentation here. He’s made several online discussions and interviews since this first one:

This page describes their lawsuit against those who’ve ordered and promoted Lock Down:

This provides a detailed, step by step account of how Fauci created this covid disease to make a profit of $billions on vaccine sales. Gates and Fauci are a team: they agreed that Fauci could create a new disease with his resources in the U.S. government, and then Gates would make the cure vaccine for the $billions in sales. They maintain scare tactics and muzzling to keep folks scared they’ll die without vaccination but, they’ll die with the vaccination instead:

Karen Patterson
Karen Patterson
2 years ago

Your article is very interesting and I would like to be able to research these facts further. Please could you give some of your sources for further reading? I think this is particularly important to give these facts credibility in a time where every alternative thinker is labelled as a conspiracy theorist.

2 years ago

Just listen to Bill Gates’ own words here:

The conspiracy is his.